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Discussion in 'Models: Advertise Here!' started by Kitty1purry, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Kitty1purry

    Cam Model

    Feb 6, 2018
    Hey friends and future friends (and maybe even some friends from the future??:borg:)
    My name is Kaitie or Kitty and I go by Kitty1Purry:cat: on most sites! I'm a general nerd, a big exhibitionist, a gamer, and a big lover of the feminine body. There's a couple of ways to find me on this big wide interwebs:
    1. I'm on Twitter! This is my hub, all updates go here, I retweet some sexxxy girls and have some pretty saucy photos of my own. I'm a particular fan of strip teases on here! Links to the other sites and when I'm on them will be here too!

    2. Here on the great Ambercutieforum! I hope I'm approachable and I love the gaming forums especially, but I try to chat everywhere :p I love recommendations and hearing other people's experience playing the same games, watching the same shows, or reading the same books as me! I also LOVE hearing about the experiences of other models and love to network.
    3. You can talk dirty to me over on Sextpanther or get customized little sexy photos or videos based on how I'm masturbating at the time. I also adore roleplaying on here. Remember you can sign up and get tokens for free!!! What's your fantasy?
      (or if you're a model and are just starting out there you can make my day and use my referral link https://www.sextpanther.com/becomeamodel.php?18424)

    4. I cam sometimes on Myfreecams! I love group shows, privates, and really fun private shows. I'm a big fan of chatting, joking around, and trying new things! Occasionally it's silly, usually it's sexy, and sometimes my cat makes an appearance to try to destroy whatever bondage I'm trying to set up. Come watch a show sometime and chat with me :)

    5. I sell my videos and other items on MFCShare! Wanna watch me try out my new toys? Explore new fetishes? All my videos are up there at the moment!
      I also sell my snapchat subscription, two tiers, both full of nudes. Possibly too many nudes? Is that a thing? Find out for yourself! I also play Words with friends, for the cost of a fancy coffee come see if you're better at rearranging words than me, win enough games for a free trial of my snapchat :)


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  2. modiru1122

    Jan 15, 2018
    You are so beautiful ~:shy:
    • Hugs Hugs x 1
  3. Kitty1purry

    Cam Model

    Feb 6, 2018
    Thank you! There are so many beautiful people on this site! Inside and out!
  4. ismycam

    Wow you are beautiful! I don't want to be so spammy here, but your mfc link is too long. ;) Use kitty1purry.ismy.cam instead! It's just a few clicks.

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