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Life after webcamming

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Jan 17, 2017
I started camming when I was 18 years old. I cam soley just to have extra money. I had no intention of making it my main career and Income. I have no intention of becoming a well known model. Which I’m not thankfully. I’m 20 now. I don’t have a fan base or social media. I only have up to 10 people in my room daily.

I had already knew that people would record my shows but I thought when you request mfc to remove them I thought they remove them entirely. But they just remove them from search results which is good but I still get worried about getting a real job. Will employers find those sites with my screen caps? Most are of me topless. I’ve done maybe 10 shows with my private parts showing that have been screen capped. I know that porn on the internet is immortal but should i worry about?
Hey girl, you should be ok. The best possible thing you can do if a potential employer finds out, is just own it. Don't act embarrassed or ashamed. "Those are private photos / videos that were leaked, my sex life isn't something I'm interested in having public. That's just something fun I did when I was 18, 19. I don't know why you would be searching for that, and I definitely don't think it has any reflection of my ability to be a great __ insert career here__."

Or just "those things are private, and were leaked, can we move on to the interview questions please?"

Stigma exists in the adult industry because there is a lot of people running around thinking what we do here is shameful or wrong. You can help change people's mind about it by not acting like there is anything shameful about what you did! :)


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Jan 3, 2013
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I've never had a problem getting a job while camming. My real name isn't linked to my camming identity, so if you search, nothing comes up.

I've also never had to pass a drug test for a cubicle mill job, and no company I've worked for has cared about people's tattoos and piercings (lies people tell about jobs, woo!). Background checks are searching for a criminal history, not scouring the internet to see what you get up to in your spare time.
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Apr 5, 2011
Regarding stuff online - anonymity comes from numbers. Sheer numbers. With 1500 models online on mfc right now, and I guess about 4 hour average for models working (some less, some more), it's fair to say there's probably 9-10,000 models a day on mfc. Put in other sites, and that's possibly going to be 40,000+? per day. Not all get screengrabbed or recorded, but when they are they're usually uploaded to a share site (not a streaming video site). So to "stumble" across them would require effort of extraordinary magnitude to search through the hundreds of threads, of tens of thousands of posts, in the vain hope that some girl someone knows may once have done some camming. As time goes on, the numbers increase vastly, the chances of you being found decrease hugely - as you become yet more anonymous through numbers.

Being spotted can, and does, happen I guess. Only cam girls could say how frequently (ones who got busted - and the reason why... as in whether someone tipped them off or something rather than just genuinely found out by accident). But you sure as hell shouldn't live in fear of it happening. If at the end of your life "being spotted" by someone who knew you was your biggest fear (or someone you knew saw pictures of your boobs), then that'd have been a charmed life in the scheme of things that affect people. Of course, it can turn nasty for some, so I don't wish to appear to trivialise your concerns - but... I don't think you should worry.
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