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Dec 22, 2021
Hello there. I was a nominee for one of those live cam awards hosted in Europe, and also invited to be phisically there in February 24th. My question is, is it worth it spending money to travel all the way to Europe to be in the webcam awards event? Has anyone ever been in one of those? Maybe it's good for networking and meeting people in the business but I would like to know your experiences as well. Thank you
Nov 7, 2016
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I’ve been in two. Every trade show has at least one ceremony, and it’s cool. If you can do this for the purpose of Networking it’s nice, and you get to see the same people again and again, save Jules the photographer of every tradeshow on the planet who passed away in September. Just don’t look for a Return On Investment and enjoy the show. The Streamate people are the nicest and most laid back. The Jasmin people are nicknamed “The Red Army”, because everything they do or say is heavily branded in red, but they throw the best parties. And you’ll be seeing studios, especially Romanian studios:) My two cents.
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