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Live Jasmin Free Private

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Apr 8, 2022
Anyone know anything about this? It says "start free private" on my friends LJ page. When I asked her about it she just replied with "?" She is really busy right now, understand, but she doesn't seem to know anything. It is VERY unlike her to do any nude show for free. I tried making an account, but they wanted credit card verification, which I don't trust. She is in Exclusive in SC now, but it looks like LJ is offering a free spy for 4 minutes with CC verification. I don't think she will be happy about this.


Cam Model
Feb 21, 2018
I am not an expert in Live Jasmin, but I have suspicion it’s not Free free. I suspect it’s some promotion by site to lure in members possibly where model will still receive money from site as if regular pvt, but it will be free for members or after they purchase xyz package of coins etc, I think I saw some sites that advertise “create account and receive 100 tokens free”, so I think it’s promotion of some sort. I really doubt any site will dare to make model to pvts for free lol
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