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"Local Knudist denied entry to literally everywhere while in the nude"

Discussion in 'Models: Advertise Here!' started by EmptyKins, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. EmptyKins

    Cam Model

    Aug 20, 2017
    That Knudist is me. I'll admit, I'm not allowed to call myself an actual Nudist™ by all the other Nudists™ as I was kicked out of that society for not following the rules back in 2008, hence the silent k. But I undress.

    I gained a bit of weight, let's call them curves. It's summertime here and there and since I'm not allowed to walk around outside in the nude, and my winter clothes are allergic to my luscious curves to the point of sweating, I thought I'd reach out here for a bit of a barter.

    I'm more of a phone sex operator these days, but I have my clip stores up and running if that's your thing. I can make a mean pastry from scratch, ship it to you by falcon or plane. Chatting with the video feed is a right fun time and it's been voted top seven things to do with me in this year's hypothetical chart of things to do with me.

    And would you believe it, my favorite cheap clothing store is having an even cheaper clothing sale on their already cheap clothes!

    Since all my earnings go directly into the vault of very visible, tangible, totally not illusory currency to be whisked away and distributed among the corporations that keep my flesh prison alive (let's call them bills) I can only use fancy pieces of plastic or emails with temporarily important code known as gift cards for non priority items like literally anything from Forever 21.

    Sure, I turned twenty-eight on the 26th and I've always felt I was twenty-three on the 12th day of my 15th trimester in Jupiter's Ascending when Thano's cast the 1st shadow across the Marvel multi-verse. Isn't that in it's self a reason to contribute to my summer wardrobe fund? Pics of every dollar bill ya'll spent sent sent

    send G-cards to caketwit@gmail.com

    If not trust this I love's hard with my all did I mention hard?

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