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Looking for performers who want to participate in video for an art exhibition.

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Oct 11, 2018
Hi all. My name is Lotte Louise de Jong and I’m an artist based in The Netherlands. My work focuses on sexuality and the digital world (in a broad sense). You can find more about me and my work on:

I’m looking for performers who want to collaborate with me on a video piece I want to include in an exhibition, as part of an art residency in Rotterdam.

‘Tokens’ will be a multimedia installation that explores the implications of the terms of use and the monetary conditions imposed by webcam-platforms and their payment partners on the cam-workers. It does so by translating these conditions directly into the exhibition. It will take the form of an installation that implements these ‘viewing conditions’ to the different works exhibited.

The video will consist of different performers (m/f/x) reading different parts of the terms-of-use of cam platforms as a performance. This video will be an important part of the installation.

I’m looking for performers who want to work with me on this for a small fee. It will take around 30 min and for this I can compensate around 30 euros/ 35 dollars as my budget is limited. I’m hoping to find around 10-12 ppl who would like to participate.

Curious to hear if you would be interested (you can also email me directly on info@lottelouise.n)

Thanks so much,
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