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Manchester Arena Bombing - To Bee, or Not?

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Aug 14, 2011
I had planed to get a small Manchester Bee tattooed on my throat today, but the artiest I had in mind is away. Thread title is a bit misleading, there is really no question in my mind about owning this ink, if not today, then when my buddy is back. But, I have thought a little about how I might feel if I were a Manchester resident, and learned that someone not from Manchester, someone who was not in close proximity, in fact someone not even from the UK, but a dam Yank, had stuck his neck into our grief and got a Manchester Bee tattooed on it? I'm not sure how I might feel? I am curious what you think?

(Read on only if you are curious as to, why would I feel the need to get a pretty simple, not so attractive, and inconsequential tattoo to share solidarity with a people and place so far removed from my people and my place?Because FUCK DAESH! What these people do so offends me - me, a lover, pacifist, and peace monger, that if I were 30 years younger, I know with little doubt where I would be, close enough to - FUCK DAESH! And, if I could not find a place to support the effort to extinguish daesh without being armed, then arm me the fuck up and tell me where you need me. I don't have the ability to work against this awful hate in any substantial way, but maybe by knowing that fearless little bee on me, links me in some way to others who refuse to shrink from this gross monster, than I can add my spirit to the love that must prevail, if we hope to.)

That ^^^^^^^^^ mess of text is more fucked up than a soup sandwich. So with out a revision, I'll just go with FUCK DAESH and any that use such hate, and are so absent of love.
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