MFC Share Not Uploading

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May 13, 2019
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Hey. So I've posted a couple pic albums without any problems but tonight I tried uploading my first video to MFC share. It has gone thru the uploading process twice only to end with nothing in the album. There aren't any pop ups saying "video too big" or "error" either. I triple checked the size and it *should* be fine. It's no where near the 15MB Limit. Am I doing something wrong?
Bumping this thread because I’m having the same issue tonight. I’ve tried posting videos for the past few hours and each time a video finishes uploading I just end up with an empty album even after waiting over an hour, so it shouldn’t be still processing. I also tried changing an album thumbnail hours ago and it still hasn’t updated.

I’ve never had an issue like this with Share before and I have 80+ video albums on there. I’m guessing that it might be an issue with their servers?