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Mute Spam, Cyrillic and Politics on Chaturbate

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Jul 14, 2019
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Due to recent events, several Russian models asked for a Chaturbate app that mutes specific words. They are worried about visitors trying to discuss the Russian dictator, his destruction of democracy or his attack against Ukraine and in fact against the world’s most fundamental concepts of peace. They are worried these discussions can not only affect their business but also endanger their accounts. Also, they are aware that many of the brave people demonstrating against the war in various Russian cities go to jail, and they don’t want to attract prosecutors to their chat rooms.

That is why I want to announce an addition to Tip3Dice, an advanced all in one Chaturbate app which already offers excellent general spam protecion and a Cyrillic filter.

Upon several requests I added a simple dynamic word filter, driven not by an option, but by commands, written into the chat while the app keeps running. For example:

#slur Violent Poodle

After that command, any visitor who mentions V. P. will be ninja muted, that is, the visitor can see his messages, but nobody else can see them. The model will see a private notice about the visitor being muted, plus instructions about how to unmute him.

The same command can be used to see the current list of forbidden words, add more words to the list, remove words from the list, or completely clear the list. The app shows detailled instructions when the model just types:

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