New Premium Snap? How Much Is Too Much?

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Hi there! So I started a premium snapchat, and have been advertising it for a few months now. But I only have 4 members on it so far :( One being my boyfriend who technically didn't pay for it. My issue is I don't know how much is too much to post, or too little. Do I do full shows as if my snap is actually profitable? (This takes time away from me, but I could save the videos and upload them to my MV and MFC Share)
Or do I take it easy and leave them wanting more, vamping it up as I get more popular?

Also, any advice on how to get more members would be great. I advertise on twitter, MFC, ManyVids, and my public snap but it doesn't seem to matter.
I charge $30 for lifetime basic (no screen shots or dick pics)
and $50 for lifetime VIP (no rules)

Any advice is welcome! I'm pretty new to doing vanilla porn (I was a domme for a few years) so I know I'm probably doing stuff wrong :)
Personally, I'll take pictures/video in the shower, being naked around my house. i haven't done any "shows" per se because they don't seem super profitable, though I know that's not everyone's experience.

You can really do as much or little as you want. Also, your prices are comparably low (just based on my experience/ seeing others' prices), so don't feel too much pressure to put your absolute everything into snap. though you can always create special snap stories that members have to pay to access, which makes it more sustainably profitable.
May 8, 2012
To me, it seems like most Premium snapchats consist of:
  • I'm getting ready for going on cam look how cute and sexy I am
  • I'm about to get on cam
  • I'm on cam, and it's damn hot, get your ass in here.
Some people put their own style and personality into it.
Maybe they sprinkle in photos of their pets, art, breakfast, random morning nudes.


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Jul 9, 2017
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This is something I am about to start doing, I used to give out my snap for free to try and get the guys who come to my room more engaged, I quickly stopped giving it away and never sold it after getting 40 dick pics in like an hour and it didnt generate the engagement I was looking for... Selling snap for a 1 off fee has never been that appealing to me, it's like a lifetime of work for a single payment. So the idea of a monthly subscription for snapchat is much more appealing to me.

To gain more subscriptions on the paid snap where I will do full shows, nudes etc I'll be bringing back the free snap where people are just able to view the story and use the story to post teasers of whats going to be happening on my premium snapchat.

I actually started following a couple of porn accounts, looking at what they are posting and how they are monetizing their snapchat and I'm using this as a framework to build up what im planning to do. It's been really insightful seeing how others are running thier snap accounts and how they monetize them. If you dont follow anyone already one of the ones I would recommend is Asa Akira, she seems to do a great job with the snap business and I feel like I learned a lot about how to run a free to premium snap from her content.

Personally I am going to be using a 3rd party site to run my snap billing, for me it's worth the % loss not to have to waste the time with updating and filling out spreadsheets of who paid when, the more admin I can offload the better imo as it leaves me with more time for creating content. Of course the downside to this is that members in the room cant simply buy snap with tokens as the payment has to be made to the 3rd party (no reason why you cant do both, but for me it's simply a time thing). The other benefit of using the 3rd party over taking tokens on the subscription side of things is re-bills.

TLDR: You can create a free snapchat, use this to post teasers of whats happening on your paid snapchat, In regards to the pricing I think it just needs to reflect what it is that you do on your snapchat, I personally wouldn't do full shows on a snap where someone has paid for lifetime access as if they can pay once and then get the shows for free there then becomes no need for them to tip towards shows when your online.

Kind of a lengthy post but hope it helps.
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