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Niteflirt guy I'm sexting with asked me if I'd like to see a pic of his wife, is this allowed?

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Jan 31, 2023
Maybe I'm missing it, but I searched the rules for this and don't really see anything
as far as I understand their rules, this is not outright a rule break, however I do not know how much GDPR are part of any of the countries either of you are from, but here in Europe, it would be illegal to send a picture of someone else, without their consent, this would be on HIS side though, and should never have an effect on you..
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if they are naked photos, do not accept or engage. its against US law to send someone else's nudes to someone else without consent. spouses included. i sometimes worry that we can be held liable if we were willing participants.

i always found it weird when dudes wanna share their photos of their partners with strangers on the internet. idk maybe i feel to hard. i always end up putting myself in their spouses' shoes. would they be comfortable or okay with their husbands sending photos of themselves context or not. so i keep to a strict no unverified photos of unknowing participants rule.