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OBS or no OBS?

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Feb 13, 2018
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Im working on chaturbate and from 2 years I have problems wirht using or not using OBS. Im very good in technical stuff, I checked all parameters, i have really good internet and cameras. Everyhting looks ok,but often when Im on OBS i see sometimes that people are coming,then leaving, again coming.. and numver of people in my room is not so big. Last days im testing broqadcast without OBS and really have more people and amont of people is quite stable. Nobody is coming and leaving all the time.
I was thinking that maybe I have wrong settings. I stream on HD, 5000 bitrate, qsv or HD+ 8000 bitrate qsv. NO idea,maybe some people cant see stream with too big bitrate?
I was also wondering which encoder shall I choose: qsv in simple settings or quick sync h.264 in advanced setting,
Next question is : better using server chaturbate from the list ? Or choose own URL and key stream.
Really I m reading a lot about that,but still confused. Everybody write something different,
Maybe someone also noticed that without OBS is less problems with streming?
Mar 24, 2019
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Always OBS. Do you see any issue when you view your own broadcast?
Those bitrate settings are fine.
For your encoder question do you mean quicksync vs software x264? if thats what you are asking then software x264 will pull ahead of quicksync in quality but im not sure how noticeable that will be for a cb broadcast and you'll be using a lot more cpu power to do it.

For your question about cb server list its generally best to use the main server option and then switch only if you encounter issues.
May 8, 2012
When you run a bandwidth upload test, are you getting at least 5000 kbps or more?
Is OBS telling you about dropped frames? CPU being maxed out?

Are you using OBS/RTMP Information & Settings?
Codec: H.264 Video, AAC Audio.
Aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9 only.
Resolution: From a height of 240 pixels up to 4k (2160 pixels).
Frame Rate: 24-30fps, or 48-60fps for high frame rate (See note below.)
Bitrate: Up to 50 Mbps Video, 192 Kbps Audio - Must be CBR.
Key Frame Interval: Any reasonable value; between 2-5s is good.
H.264 Profile: Main or High preferred; baseline is acceptable.
lists the different settings, if your having problems with one resolution, you can always trying stepping down to a lower resolution.
853x480800 - 1200 kbps96 kbps24 - 30
1024x5761200 - 3000 kbps96 kbps24 - 30
1280x7203000 - 5000 kbps96 kbps24 - 30
1920x10805000 - 8000 kbps128 kbps24 - 30
2560x14408000 - 12000 kbps192 kbps24 - 30
3840x216012000 - 20000 kbps192 kbps24 - 30

If you look at CB FAQ they suggest using the default Ingest Point rtmp:// .
But if your having problems they suggest trying a server near your physical location.
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