Online games while broadcasting (Questions for models and members)

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Oct 4, 2018
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Hello everyone! I am new on this forum, but being model pretty long. I want to try new entertainment stuff for people online and have some questions for models and members. I will be very thankful for answers :)

Models have you ever tryed to play any games with members while broadcasting? For example online poker or checkers.
Did you ever stream computer games, like on Twitch and like it is Kati3Kat doing? What computer games did you stream? Did you get any tokens for that or just had fun with members?

And members, would you like to play any games with models who you see the first time? What games would you like to play? What amount of the tokens would be fair enough to play one checkers session for example?

I want to try games very much, but I have no a lot of regulars and afraid if nobody will be intrest and I will sit with nothing. I have tryed to play poker once, but seems only my regulars was interested in this activity and it is not the way to attract new people. Thought I have tryed just once so I can be wrong.

I am sorry in advance for my english, I am not a native speaker :shame:
Will be very thankful if you pay attention to this topic :h:
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May 11, 2017
Terra Firma

I do enjoy some games, and have tipped for a move in Jengo. Checkers, war(Hi/Lo), etc. I don't know if I'd play a video game while online with a model in her room. That that I don't enjoy playing with others. But, it's very difficult for me to balance watching room and other things. Especially if I'm in an involved game. I'm one who would focus on the room instead of another game. But, if you're doing it in your room, I would.

Of course, I'm the odd one who also enjoys chatting the other members in the room as we..
Oct 15, 2015
I enjoy a few different games that models put out. Obviously some more than others. In terms of card games, I like black jack and hi/lo. The gambler in me is a bit more keen for black jack. I think games like pictionary/win lose or draw/ and hang man can be fun. But, sometimes people mess it up by guessing shit without tipping/etc.

I never really thought it would translate well, but jenga is surprisingly fun. Especially if there are prizes/or stuff written on the pieces. I haven't quite enjoyed twister on cam it's clearly fun to watch naked ladies goofing around, but as for a participation thing I don't get really involved.

Battleship/Connect 4 I recall a couple of models playing, which can be fun.

In terms of token amounts I generally have come across stuff being priced between 25-100 tokens per single move/guess. And games like hangman, pictionary where you try to solve the puzzle in limited guesses then they have a higher token costs like 150-300.
Apr 23, 2018
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I usually play games in private shows for more submissive clients. They love retweet games and card games where the stakes are high but there's still a good chance of winning. We even invented my own card game rules and had members chip in what they though would be fun and fair in the live show! That is the beauty about everything is that you can change things and games from show to show.

Lots of members seeming to enjoy rolling the dice. Anywhere from $2-$10 is a good buy in. I also see a lot of girls do a spinning wheel or balloon pop. I haven't had as much success with the balloon one but the spinner does get some action from time to time!

Hope some of this helps. I am also very interested to see what members and models are doing.
Nov 10, 2018
Would someone explain the balloon pop? I've seen some girls write names on a balloon and pop it, but I don't understand the point?


Cam Model
Jul 18, 2018
I like to do twister nights on special occasions, and it really helps that there’s already a twister app on CB. The members love it because of the occasional lewd positions and it makes the process of getting you naked more fun and entertaining than just trying to reach a “get naked” goal.
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