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Paxum vs Firstchoice

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Oct 24, 2017
Okay, I'm pulling my bloody hair out here.

I wanted to go to DP to get paid, but didn't realise that you have to create an account via their website and when I emailed MFC they told me that once I close my account (in order to open a new one via DP), then I wouldn't be able to open a new account. I'm gutted but my only other two options are Firstchoice (originally payoneer), or paxum.

I've looked at both their websites, and fees, and I'm just getting so confused with everything, so can someone please just lay it all out in plain English for me? Which one should I chose in order to keep most of my pay-cheque?

Thank you :)
Personally, I prefer FCP. Not sure about comparing the fees associated with each service, but the customer service from FCP is great! @Dan Epstein is a representative for them, and he is always very helpful with any questions I have had. For that reason alone, I'm happy to give them my business over Paxum.
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