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Payment restrictions on adult content

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Apr 21, 2020
Saw this story on my Twitter feed and I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts. I guess MasterCard is tightening restrictions on banks that process payments for “adult content.”

Article link:

Relevant quotes from the story:

“The firms will also be required to ensure websites document the age and verify the identity of anyone depicted in pictures and videos as well as those uploading the content,” Bloomberg News reported.”​


According to John Verdeschi, Mastercard’s senior vice president of customer engagement and performance, “the banks that connect merchants to our network will need to certify that the seller of adult content has effective controls in place to monitor, block and, where necessary, take down all illegal content.”​
Mastercard, the Bloomberg report continues, will also require that banks "ensure that sites have a review process prior to any content being published, as well as a system for complaints that addresses illegal or non-consensual activity within seven business days."​
"The payments network is also mandating that banks make sure that sites have an appeals process that allows for anyone depicted in adult videos or photos to request that the content be removed," Bloomberg reported.​

My thoughts as a paying cam site member, without much behind-the-scenes knowledge:

A site like CB should be OK because they already have procedures for verification and complaints, but they might have to endure an extra hassle & expense documenting it for untold numbers of banks. But I could see this hurting a smaller website (and its models) if the extra work and expense is unaffordable. I guess it depends how much paperwork the banks will consider sufficient.

And if some banks just decide not to go through the effort, maybe some card issuers will simply stop processing adult payments, which would be unfortunate.

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