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Permanent ban "Payment is Being Held"

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Mar 18, 2022
i received permanent ban.
Last time i broadcasted in march 14, in march 16 i did transfer, in 18 march i received email from CB 19309386 "Payment is Being Held" and that i need to submit appropriate age verification, I followed the age verification link and get the "Account Banned" page.

I don't know if i need to mention you here @punker barbie , i'm really sorry if i'm disturbing you.

my nickname is:
  • darklilith_

requests list:
  • 19309386
  • 19317415
  • 19309386

I'm begging for your help.

I'm crying now, can't sleep, typing with shaking hands, i don't know how i will go to the college today.
That a very big amount on account, i have no reason to risk with them, i did my first transfer because i run out of cash need to pay rent, bills, college, buy food... i don't want to be homeless, i really hope that it's just a mistake.
  • Sorry to hear that.
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I have confirmed that Support has responded to your email.
Hello, thanks for the answer.
ticket 19321580 is still w/o respond
Thank you for your email. This is an automated response to acknowledge receipt of your message. One of our customer service specialists will be in touch shortly. As emails are handled in the order that they are being received, sending multiple emails regarding your inquiry may result in a longer response time.
and this ticket 19317415
idk... why do they need to send me link where i can upload age verification, and then just ban me, why they doing this to me 😭
considering that their last answer (even before contacting you) was a message in which they say that this is a permanent ban and they will not respond to my messages, please clarify, is this the end?

Please, someone help, i'm not asking to fully unban my account, i just want to make transfer.
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