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Feb 28, 2024
Hi! I have no idea how to change my profile picture and I deleted all the pics I have just to try to see where is the Add Profile picture option? Can someone please give me a walk thru with each step? Thank YOU!
There is no function in a CB profile to directly put a photo there. You need to upload your photo to an image hosting site, then add some HTML to your About Me section to show the photo there.

For Image Hosting give imgbb a try. It is free hosting service.

Once you have your photo uploaded to your imgbb account there will be a little </> icon on the thumbnail image at the bottom-right that will open the Embed Codes.

Click that icon to open the Embed Codes popup.

Select HTML Image in the dropdown selector.

Now copy the <img src.... > code in the text box and paste that into your About Me box, then click Update Bio.

If all goes well the image should now show in your About Me section.

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If you are in your profile and don't see the "Upload" blue text, then it means your account is not verified. is your account verified? If not, then you need to verify it to see the option again
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