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PUBG on Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X is LIVE!

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Dec 27, 2011
PUBG went live on the Xbox One platform on Tuesday. It's actually pretty surprisingly easy to control once you get into it for a match or two. Some things aren't intuitive, like clicking in the left or right stick while aiming to lean, and inventory management/looting is a slow and painful experience; as is adding attachments to weapons.

So far I've sucked and done pretty well. My first few squad games were terribad. Then a friend and I did duos and got top 5 (with 0 kills :p ). Then I did some solos with varying degrees of success, some I died early, and my best game so far was 6th with 3 kills (with one of them being a lucky pistol shot to someone's face).

So, the good:
  • Frame Rate is generally stable while in the game.
  • Graphics are generally the same as PC high settings on the Xbox One X (I don't know about the base or S)
  • Gunplay feels good, so far, even if I have potato aim at times.
  • There is a fast bandage use if they are in your inventory by pressing down on the d-pad.
  • Sounds are good, it's easy to know which direction they are coming from.
  • The new vault mechanic is already in the game.
  • The file size for the Xbox One X enhanced version is under 6GB.
  • It's VERY easy to know where teammates are in duos and squads.
The bad:
  • Frame rate takes a dump in the lobby and in the plane/parachuting in.
  • There's no way to view controller settings and/or customization of controls (yet)
  • Aiming down sites speed is actually really fast, which can cause issues depending on your analog sticks.
  • Some textures are very bad, especially rock textures, which clashes with the rest of the game's look.
  • No way to not find randoms in squad games if you only have 3 people.
  • Currently it is set to tep the left trigger to ADS and hold to 3rd person aim, I'd rather it be the other way around.
  • Currently only third person view is available to play, so more competitive first person only players won't like that.
  • Some controls are wonky, X interacts/picks up, but you hold X to reload. There is a free look by holding RB but unintuitively you keep pushing up to move forward while free looking.
Overall, though, after my first night with it, it's pretty fun. If you're not a PC player, or (like me) you suck with mouse and keyboard, and want PUBG, this is a good version to play.

Here's my stream from tonight, which includes the terribad and the good.

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