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Random thoughts on camgirls, stripchat, and being a noob.

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Aug 22, 2019
Congrats on being a sugar daddy, I guess?

Happy Adam Scott GIF by Sky

Adding cockwomble to my vocabulary.


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Dec 19, 2019
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Lol Floridians suck.
-a Floridian.
Whenever I look at a map of the US, I always think Florida looks like it's cock.
Yeah there's something wrong with me ... 😆 .

Beautiful place tho.
I hope one day I can visit America's giant dick (that last part was serious, I would really like to visit Florida, ever since I watched Bloodline).


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Jul 25, 2014
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Whenever I look at a map of the US, I always think Florida looks like it's cock.
Yeah there's something wrong with me ... 😆 .

Beautiful place tho.
I hope one day I can visit America's giant dick (that last part was serious, I would really like to visit Florida, ever since I watched Bloodline).
Fact: Our state capitol looks like cock and balls

Nov 17, 2016
This is a mouthful, and I love to be random in my writing.

I signed up for Stripchat back in February 2021 after reading a news article about how some people were using webcams to provide income during covid. I've never liked strip clubs, but I was curious and gave it a shot. I compare strip clubs to window shopping with no money. Unless you have stacks of $100 bills coming out of every pocket, you will never take any one of them home. If you hang out in strip bars regularly, your personal life isn't getting it done......or you are horny ass bastard. :) Personally, I found life was much more fun spending $30/month for a dating site membership....and actually getting laid once or twice a week instead of pissing money away at strip bars.... But that's just me!

I found Stripchat was much different than strip bars. I had to do some digging at times, but I could always find what I liked, or what I was in the mood for. Like anything else on the internet, you have to filter through some trash to get what you like. It was a welcoming experience compared to being drug into strip bars by my buddies.

Stripchat is fun....and when it isn't I turn it off. I love giving tokens anonymously, especially when a girl has a lovense (or whatever). Some of them are fake lovense users,, but it doesn't take long to figure out who is the real deal if you are paying attention. It is a lot of fun throwing tokens at a model who doesn't know who you are. The bonus to this is that they don't blow up your inbox with "Hey" or "Hey baby". This gets really annoying.

I have met some really nice women on Stripchat....some of which are no longer there. It is very hard to earn a living wage from webcam earnings, even when you are in a third world country where $400 pays your apartment rent. You have to be really good to make a living at it. I am very inquisitive and it didn't take long to figure out how much a model actually earns there. The studios are the devil in the third world, but they are the only option for many. Stipchat takes half the tokens, and the studio gets half of that half. Tiip a model 1000 tokens, and by the time all is said and done, they get $20 or so. It's about the same with other cam sites from what I've read. I'm not bashing anyone. It takes a ton of money to put on a site like stripchat, and provide the support they do. The studios can't work for free, and internet bandwith they need is not cheap in the third world. I'm not sticking up for any of them though. I'm sure Stripchat and the studios could do more to support their models. In the world we live in, there is always someone that is taking advantage of someone else.

I find it annoying when I'm in an exclusive private session with a Stripchat model and she is using the time to chat with someone else on another site. Most of the time I let it go and exit.

Russian girls are usually the worst. Most of them are running some sort of scam, and have their pimp typing with the extra keyboard. I usually avoid them unless I'm really drunk or they are really cute. (Neither happens often) Russian girls are easy to spot on stripchat. Most of them have a look on their faces like they have just sniffed a bad fart.

American girls are hit and miss I've found, but south american girls (especially Colombian or Venezuelan) are a load of fun. I think you have to be an exhibitionist in order to well with camming, and girls from south america seem to be born that way. For a time I thought they were showing their bodies out of necessity, but I think a lot of them like to show their beauty to others just because they like to.

I've have become close to two models outside of Stripchat. One is very sweet Latvian girl. It's way more of a friendship than anything else. We talk a lot and share things about our lives. I don't think she has what it takes to make it in this business. I don't send her any money, and she does not ask me to, nor does she want me to.. She is a very sweet, kind, and pretty girl. I feel like an older brother to her. I think she will do well in life....just not as an online model.

The second girl is Venezuelan. She moved to Cucuta during the pandemic because there was no work in her hometown, which is a farm town. She couldn't land a regular job in Cucuta, so she became an online model. It didn't work out well for her. She's very sweet, kind, and beautiful, but did not have what it takes to be a cam model. She was humiliated by what the studios asked of her, and was let go due to lack of performance (cute only gets you so far as a cam model). She scraped up what money she had made along with a gift from me, and went back to her parents house in Venezuela where the bathroom has no roof. (You need an umbrella when it's time to crap). She had beautiful hair down to her ass when I met her, but she chopped it off and sold it in order to feed and clothe her daughter. She's hardcore!

When she was settled back in Venezuela, I sent her some money to buy some pigs, which she is raising. I send her $300/month to pay for the pig feed. It has been fun to watch them grow. She is doing an awesome job at raising them. Some of my friends think I'm nuts, but $300/mo won't change my lifestyle. We talk daily via text, and do a video call a few times a month. She has to walk to the local market and rent wifi in order for us to do a video call. I'm fluent in Spanish, which makes things much easier. She tells me that she loves me every day. I just go along with it, and send her "sweet nothings" text messages. I really love the girl with all of my heart, but I'm not sure of what kind of love it is. She's half my age, which concerns me. I work with a Venezuelan man, and he has told me numerous times that Venezuelan women value honesty, stability, and loyalty more than anything else.

If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. She says she wants to come to the US to be with me. Getting her out of Venezuela isn't going to be easy, but it can be done. No matter the outcome, I made a difference in her life. No matter where I end up, I'll keep supporting my amazing Venezuelan friend.

Share your webcam stories. I'd love to hear them

Plus we Canadian girls are very wholesome and honest. Ha ha ha.
Dec 20, 2020

If a psychologist were to read everything the OP wrote, they would be very certain that he's not a very confident person. (which surely doesn't mean much, as such people are quite necessary for the webcamming world to have known such thorough success).

But while one logs into his favorite webcamming site for "fantasy", it seems the OP here has really taken his "fantasy" to an other-worldly level.

Strangely, I bet the cam girl who is half his age IS probably more sincere (about wanting to come to the U.S. to be with him) than he probably is (about his interest IN her).

But even if she gets clearance to move to the U.S. to be with this dude, it is a near certainty that the many flaws evident in his post here would again surface to derail any sort of a "relationship" they could ever know with one another.
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