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Second impossibles chances & I just want to make my mission= a change in the world to fulfilment myself (aka ex "top model back)

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Mar 17, 2022
I'm high as f to get the courage 4 this ....Really that doesn't deserve any translation because I'm the fucking girl who spent almost 60 brl$ in 2016 bought a bunch of top toys and a unique real size statue painted of gold with a stiff cock who make me gain almost my 95% of followers in 1 week and be n1 w 10k views in day 3. and now just one more failure, wannabe. i dk know why but after get crazy and burnt all my bridges on this today of, mfc, and cb reach to accept me see cb will pit all my followers gathered in several different accounts in a new one!!!!! second chance. same as go 4 mfc that i use some shit life treating...... and know they are waiting for me just put my docs there. i do or no? if so how? i dont want to be a slave anymore i want to have fun with it.... olove 420 cum hardcore bbc pee Cortana Blue (since she change her name and dnt look like herself at all now i will based MAYBE MY stage name in her but with rec like red blue or red bull bc im ginger) ... just google me and seee how miserable fail i will be again if i try this miracle chance.


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Jul 25, 2014
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