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Smart Cameras Are Coming

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May 8, 2012
Last year Logitech Released Rally, a camera capable of smart PTZ.

This year, Tail by OBSBOT it a self contained SMART PTZ Camera.

It's being advertised as a stand alone 4K 12MP Smart PTZ . Including 3.5x Optical zoom. With built-in support for living streaming, Audio can be captured by adding pairing a bluetooth mic or adding their external mic. Streaming can be started/stopped by hand gesture. And screw on base for tripod.

The camera is capable of fallowing: full body, upper torso, lower torso.

With a 3 hour built-in battery life, the Tail can be quickly and easily moved around for effortless, cable free streaming.

With built-in color correction and enhancement, your preferred manual adjustments can be made. Or use one of the built-in smart filters.

The camera also acts as a steady cam gimbal, which could be useful for filming steady cam shots in videos.

The plan is to price the camera for 700 USD, right now on kickstarter they're offering 500 for base model. 528 for base + mic.

Currently no details if streaming is up to 4k, or what streaming protocols they support. I would hope it's standard RTMP.Or if there is a way you can use any wired mic you want. Or if it can be use as a traditional, not smart, PTZ.

It would be cool if OBSBOT could let a cam model test this out, see if it's any good for cam models.
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