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Smoking fetish

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Jun 7, 2022
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I was hoping to get some thoughts from both models and members about how well might this perform?

I've been wanting to shoot some fetish videos but I wanted something that I can do naturally without much acting (I'm not comfortable acting) so that's why I thought of smoking. Would it be weird to have a little store with only smoking vids? Also, most vids I've seen are clothed but I thought stripping would make it sell better, is that true in this case?

If you guys have more ideas of clips that don't require roleplay, storytelling and acting in general that'd be really helpful as well. During my research I could see myself doing smoking and shoes (I don't know yet what to do with the shoes but I'm sure il figure that one out) but maybe I missed something? Thanks!


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Dec 19, 2019
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I was hoping to get some thoughts from both models and members about how well might this perform?
Smoking is a very popular fetish. I can't do it anymore because asthma, but I am asked about it all the time.
For live and customs too.

I would cruise the categories in C4S ( and see what is busy and selling well, see themes folks like, then put your own spin on it. There's all kinds of stuff.
W shoes there's dangling, dipping, pedal pumping, dirty sneakers, Keds ...
There's vacuuming, which is a popular category too.
Lots of categories that don't require acting and roleplay.
Apr 17, 2021
A user here.

While cruising a camsite and seeing models vaping or smoking, does not appeal to me at all (admittedly they are usually looking bored at the same time), a video or set of photos of a well made up, attractive woman smoking does appeal indeed. Add a bit of nudity, partial or full, and I'm even more interested.

I'm old enough that I had some exposure to some of the beautiful women of the "golden age" of Hollywood and back then everyone seemed to smoke. So maybe it's a nostalgia thing. (I wasn't actually alive during the 40s 50s, but saw the movies as a child ;) )


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Jul 25, 2014
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i dont smoke anymore, but i used to do smoking clips. i used to smoke a lot of different types of weird cigarettes because sometimes i like buying fancy cigarettes other than camel turkish golds. my unique cigarettes ones sometimes would get more hits than the regular cigarette.

so definitely recommend different types of smoking other than regular filtered cigarettes. all different brands not just your go-to, skinny cigarettes (capri's), long cigarettes, menthol, clove cigarettes, unfiltered, rolling your own cigarettes, cigars, those fancy colored cigarettes, cigarette holders, lighting with matches only or lighting with flip lighters.

dont be afraid to do the same type of clips 12 different times. trust me, if people like your content, they will buy it all including part 18 smoking marlboro red 100.
Mar 6, 2022
I'm not sure if I qualify here but I think that the smoking fetish would really work for you with your pretty dark eyes and high intensity look. I don't see why stripping wouldn't go with smoking. And of course smoking is something that can work with other fetishes such as lingerie, upskirts, sky high fuck me heels... :)


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