Some recommendations on guy sex toys?

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Jun 25, 2018
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Hello, over the past few months I've been single(and haven't had a sex life) and I was contemplating on buying my first sex toy. Truthfully, I've never brought one in my entire life and always felt they were kinda awkward, the sorta awkwardness you get when you tell someone good by and they walk in the same direction as you haha. Anyway, I would consider myself heteroflexible but still prefer good old masturbation, no not really into anything anal right now unless it's with a woman. So, as of now, I'm just being open-minded to see whats out there. I could go read some article on"the top best blah blah blah" but I feel that nothing but product placement

What are some of your favorite sex toys that you recommend and why? This is a male and female question so feel free to pry or ask me thing. I remember I saw a vibrating cock ring a few years back and always wondered what they felt like or a penis pump.

Anyway, thanks. -Rocky
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