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Suggest DSLR for High Quality videos?

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Jun 25, 2020
hey there,

I am looking for a DSLR with which with I can record video on my PC.

So in a way I am looking for a DSLR that I can use as a Webcam so I can bring the stream into OBS.

I aware that I might need a capture card for this, but cannon, sony even nikon has released software that can be used to connect the directly. As this is beta software I am staying away.

I have shortlisted the sony 6000 (not sony 5100 as it is very old). Cannon m50 .

Do let me know your thoughts and suggest any other alternative and cheaper camera.

Jul 15, 2019
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I use a Cannon Rebel T7. I do use the webcam utility beta to stream but for some reason the resolution on the stream shows as low numerically and I can't adjust it with the utility. The actual resolution of the video looks amaze-balls though. On the Mac I have to use CameraLive and Camtwist together to stream if I want to sidestep that issue, but CameraLive is pretty unpredictable.

The Cannon comes with software and you can record through that or I record using QuickTime on my Mac. Or, of course you can use the SD card in the camera, but I prefer to use QT or the Cannon software so I can see n the screen what is being recorded.

Or even a GoPro? I need to start using mine for 4K vids....
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