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Suggestions on coming out to your family

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Feb 24, 2020
Hi all

For the longest amount of time I have been doing things like crossdressing and playing with dildos and watching trans gender cams. I have decided I want boobs. I am not sure how to tell my family this. Now I am not gay. I like girls and I like Transgender people with Big Penises and Big boobs. I love Big Boobs. I think my mom would support me no matter what. She was a public health nurse for years and a school nurse for years and my sister went through years of bad things so I do not think my mom would be very shocked. My dad on the other hand I think would be upset and not want me to dress as a woman at all. See what I want to be able to do is to be able to dress as a woman at home when I have the desire to and not make my family upset. I will always go to work as a man and never leave the house as a woman . My family does not know about my crossdressing. I do it late at night when everyone is asleep.

Has anyone else here been doing this or done this and come out to there family that they crossdress and what did you do and what advice do you have?

Sorry for the long post



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Jul 25, 2014
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I think you should go talk to a therapist first before you come out. That way you will have a good support system in place if things go bad.

Or move out? Get your own little apartment.
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Feb 5, 2020
You should talk to your mom first. Maybe let her get used to it for awhile before you talk with your dad.
But the best way is to just be honest and to the point. Expect for them to have a negative reaction. But they will come around. Whether they "like" it or not isn't your problem.

Explain to them that you've already been doing this and the only difference is now they know. And that them knowing can actually make you guys have a better Honest relationship.
Maybe find some trans information you can direct them to that can answer some questions they may not feel comfortable asking you at the time.

This should go without saying but leave out any mention of dildos and the boobs for now. Lol.

Having come out as gay a few times i can tell you that the fear of coming out is usually much worse then it actually is. The reaction is usually much better then you will anticipate. So try and keep that anxiety down as much as you can.

But yeah just be to the point honest and straightforward. You have no control over their reactions so it's really all you can do.

Good luck. Hope it goes well.
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