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Support Ukrainian models

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Jul 15, 2018
I would like this thread to highlight Ukrainian models you know so we can show them our support. I know I can't be the only one angry at what is happening right now and the feeling of powerlessness to stop it. And since this is a forum for cam models, the least we can do is help them out.

Hanagasumi - 22 year old model living in Kyiv. Yesterday was the first day she got back online since the war started. Her own apartment had been too dangerous because of missiles and artillery fire so she was staying somewhere else until recently.
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Angela Ride - 24 year old model from Kharkiv. She detailed everything that happened since the war on her Onlyfans. Her, her parents and her grandparents' apartments were all shelled. She escaped by sheer luck. Go subscribe to her Onlyfans and check out her story.
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