Taking good pictures of yourself

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Jan 26, 2019
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Hi ladies, I was thinking about starting to sell pictures but I could need some advices... so far all I've been doing are personalized pictures or just basic selfies, so far it's easy to do.

Now I'd like to create galleries and themed pictures to sell, but the problem is that I have nobody to take pictures of me. I mean, yes there is my bf but to be honest he's terrible at it and I'm never satisfied when I see the result.

So how can I take good worth-selling pictures by myself? So far all I've been using is my phone (as I don't have a camera) or sometimes my webcam, but it's really hard to find a good position, good angle, good lightning... while I need to press the button at the same time, even with a timer. It takes me forever to take one good single picture!

So my question is: what could I do to make it easier? Is there any way to take good pictures when you're alone? How do you deal with that?

Thank you & have a wonderful day!
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