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Jan 11, 2016
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Hey girls, happy New Year my loves!
I am curious as to what sort of tech and setups other models have going on as I want to make mine better and have a more professional feel to my room as well as make it seem more relaxing and inviting. Feel free to share your equipment and any pros and cons of it all.

Laptop/PC: I am on an HP ENVY, the highest quality model that they offered. I chose this over a mac due to the fact that I could get more for the money on the HP rather then with Apple.

Camera: Currently I am low on money so I have been using my laptops camera, its not too bad as the laptop I am using has the best camera possible for a built in but I do know buying a whole separate one can make a world of a difference. What sort of camera do you use and would you suggest it- what would you say its pros and cons were?

Lighting: I know this is just as important as cameras as too much will contrast you out whilst too little makes all the imperfections just bleed out. Obtaining the best middle ground mix is key. Right now for the holidays and because I am such a fan of the aesthetic glow I have several lamps filled with soft pink lights and then many Christmas lights filling in the background and around my room. What sort of lighting have you found to work best?

Microphone: Now I don't use anything other then my built in one but I see that some models have professional mics that they use rather then their built in one, I don't quite know how popular this one is but I know a few of the more popular ladies do use them. What do you use and why? Do you think this one matters much?

Music: I always try to have some music on in the background for some white noise, I use 8Tracks to keep ads out of the mix and always play some electric or rock music.

Other/Misc: Now I am still a baby when it comes to looking that professional online so I don't know much about how to make images for your chat, gifs or even how you put a banner on the bottom of your window when online. What are your opinions or do you use any of this?

Background/Room setup: Right now I have a comforter laid out on my floor in the corner of an empty room that I claim as my "Work Room". Behind me is a big window that currently has Christmas lights decorating the corners and tinsel is hung around the walls right above the base boards so they show up on cam since I do work on the floor. I have some photos hung on the walls and a pole in there but other then that I don't quite know what else to add. What are your opinions, what are you proud about your rooms or worried about?


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Sep 1, 2016
Laptop: A mid-range Dell that's a few years old, i7 quadcore standard stuff. I'm fixing to upgrade when I have the money.

Camera: Logitech c920. It's a very good webcam, gets the job done, but I also want to upgrade to an actual videocam that can stream in clear 60fps.

Lighting: Just a bunch of regular lamps behind my cam to light up my face. Low-tech but I get pretty good lighting in addition to my ceiling light and I'm happy with how it looks. Christmas and fairy lights may fuck up your cam's visual feed so be sure to watch your own feed just in case it makes your lighting go wonky.

Mic: Th c920's built-in one. It's serviceable but not great. I know Blue Yeti mics are top-end and very popular with streamers, and if I ever have the cash to blow I might get one.

Music: I play soft atmospheric music with no singing. I like it better. I do take requests in shows if someone prefers a different soundtrack.

Gifs and stuff: I'm on SM so N. A.

Background: Just my bed. Me on my bed, with some toys and a pair of heels. Simple stuff. And it gives me a built-in excuse for the "stand up bb" freeloaders. Your room sounds perfectly fine. I want a pole, so you're ahead of me there!
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Mar 18, 2016
Laptop/PC: I have an Acer Aspire E 15. I got it for Christmas. Not too high tech but it does the job.

Camera: I bought a logitech c920 today. I've been using my laptop camera and I didnt know how bad it looked till I moved to Streamate and saw all the other models HD camera.

Lighting: I still need to find a light that compliments my dark skin tone. I got a bright stand up lamp but its a white light and I basically have to cover it with something. When I have the money I'll get those pro lights from Amazon everyone has been talking about.

Microphone: use my laptops one till I get my webcam.

Music: usually I prefer silence lol

Other/Misc: photoshop or gimp to make gifs lol

Background/Room setup: right now Im trying to move spaces. I usually do it on my bed but I dont like the angle of it for some reason. Thinking about a chair but IDK how to play in one yet. My background needs a lot of improvement though. Its basically anime posters lol.
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