The Grand Cam Contest on SoulCams! $11.500 total prize

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Dec 22, 2016

Our biggest contest ever has just started.

Five lucky contestants will win one of the total cash prizes of 11500 USD.

- 1st place: $5000
- 2nd place: $3000
- 3rd place: $2000

- 4th place: $1000
- 5th place: $500

With only 2 days to go, here is everything you need to know about the contest:

The contest starts on 18 May and will end on 20 July 2017 (all times are CET). The total cash prize of the contest is $11.500 with an incredible $5000 first prize. All models are automatically entering the contest by being online.

We have made a dedicated page about the contest on our ever-expanding wiki page, where you can find all information, including rules and even some tips on how to win! The Grand Cam Contest 2017

Don't forget about our regular bonuses and special referral fees:

- Refer new members for an extra +20% (lifetime!) (more info)
- Refer other models and get 10% of their earnings, plus a $50 one-time bonus (more info)
- New models now start with a $100 signup bonus
- Bi-weekly Model Awards with cash prizes (more info)
- Bi-weekly Member Awards with free credits
- Gift credits for models to share it with members (more info)
- Performer Loyalty Program (more info)

Best of luck to all contestants!

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Dec 22, 2016

Special offers on SoulCams!


Each new performer who registers on the site will get 300 USD signup bonus! Hurry, register today as the offer is for limited time.


Besides the welcome bonus, we also give 100 gift credits for each new performer. It is a special feature on SoulCams. You can give these gift credits to members who will be able to spend them on you exclusively. It is a perfect tool for generating more income and getting more exposure on the site. Learn more about gift credits here.


Refer new members to us and we give you 150 USD after each of them. Read the details in your performer account.



Cam Model
Mar 4, 2017
When you looked at the site what did you think? I took a look at and I'm interested. Looks like you have to be clothed though unless in privates or gold shows. Am I correct?
I actually couldn't find any proper info for models. I flicked all through FAQ for members. Be good to read one for models! Maybe soul cams can help?! I'm interested in whether the site offers geo blocking for one thing (amongst many other questions)
Dec 22, 2016

Here are the main reasons why it is good to work with us:
  • $300 signup bonus for new performers (in order to get the bonus you need to earn over $1000)
  • 100 gift credits for every new performers
  • Competitive payment with up to 70% share. Read more about the performer share system here
  • +20% share after referred members lifetime. Read more about our member referral system on this page
  • Fast payouts: receive your payment in 8 days after the period end.
  • Bi-weekly payouts by FirstChoice Pay (prepaid card or wire transfer) (regarding the earning periods, payout dates, payment methods, minimum payout limit, FirstChoice Pay check out this link)
  • Performer Loyalty Program: receive $1000 bonus from us! Read more about the Loyalty Program on this page
  • Sell your contents to members: models can sell their videos, images, audio files (read more about content sales here)
  • Constant Model Awards with more than 1700 USD total prize per month (more information about the SoulCams Model Awards here)
  • Performer Contests with serious money prizes to boost your earnings
  • Inbuilt Message system to keep contact with members
  • Unique private session system (Group private, 1-on-1 private, Voyeur) (you can check out the show types on this page)
  • Professional country banning option (more information here)
  • Easy-to-use model application (no special software needed, the model application is a pop-up window from browser)
  • Friendly and helpful site support: our support team offers personalized help for each and every webcam models. Never hestiate to ask for help from our professional team, we assist you gladly

Why to have your member base on SoulCams?
  • SoulCams has one of the best payout rates on the market, the payout percentage is 50%, plus we give +20% after referred members lifetime.
  • Clear, easily understandable income statistics, no tricks with token system, no fine prints.
  • Easy site rules, model friendly attitude. No penalty system, we trust models like partners
  • Our site representative is ready to give personalized help for you any time.
  • As SoulCams is not a mass site, you have a good chance to win on our constant Model awards and Performer contests
  • Other great options to earn money on the site even when you are offline:
  • Performer loyalty program: earn at least $2000 monthly in 6 consecutive months and we will reward you with $1000 bonus!
  • Photo contests: we often run photo contests in different themes. You upload images and members can vote on them even when you are offline.
  • Getting offline tips: members may send you a tip any time even when you are offline
  • Model referral system: you can refer other models to us and you will get a one-time $50 and 10% share from her earnings lifetime
  • Upload your contents and sell it: you can upload image albums, prerecorded videos, audio files and members can buy it.
If you would like to read more about the hottest topics check out our main FAQ page

Dec 22, 2016
When you looked at the site what did you think? I took a look at and I'm interested. Looks like you have to be clothed though unless in privates or gold shows. Am I correct?

Yes that is correct, SoulCams is not a tip-based site where models can perform nude shows in free chat for tips. Softcore shows are allowed but hardcore nude shows should be done only in private show.
You can read more about the rules here.
Dec 22, 2016
I actually couldn't find any proper info for models. I flicked all through FAQ for members. Be good to read one for models! Maybe soul cams can help?! I'm interested in whether the site offers geo blocking for one thing (amongst many other questions)

Yes, we allow models to ban countries of course.

If you ban a selected country then visitors from that country will not be able to:
  • find you on the Who's Online page.
  • enter your chat room (free, members only, voyeur, private session)
  • check your BIO page (including your uploaded pictures, profile video, etc)
  • find you in the performer 'Search' field on the Who's Online page.
We distinguish two types of visitors in our new, professional country banning system:
  • GUESTS and NEW MEMBERS (new members are the same as guests but they created a free member account)
  • ACTIVE MEMBERS (active member = member who bought credits at least once)

The selected countries can be changed any time under this menu with the help of the arrows.
  • If you banned a country then users from that country cannot access your room, do not find your profile on the site at all and cannot see your photo contest images either
  • will not see your profile image in Model Awards, contests at all. They will see a sample image instead.
  • only the first letter of your performer username will be seen in Model Awards and contests for visitors from a banned country. So instead of MystiqueMilla for example there will be 'M...' written only.
  • The online status indicator in the Model awards and contest pages will always show you offline for a visitor from a banned country, even if you are in free chat, members only mode, private or break mode.

We have detailed guides made for models, even separated guides for newbie models. Let me help and paste them here:
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Cam Model
Mar 4, 2017
Thanks! I've signed up now. Pretty cool sign up process. I like that you can put social media in. I'll have to check your rules on linking to external sites (manyvids) etc before I develop my profile. I'm quite looking forward to your site. I signed up for streammate but never really use it. I like that this site is private based but still allows linking to social media etc - makes it more valuable to me for building a following. Will see how it goes once I get approved!


Cam Model
Mar 4, 2017
PS its not an issue for me at all because I already use firstchoicepay for all my cam sites but only offering firstchoice pay might be a deal breaker for many models. Any plans to offer direct deposit etc? Also looking through the other cam sites that are on my firstchoice pay - it looks like you pay out faster with less fees? For the other cam sites firstchoice pay charges me $5 if I want immediate load (within 2 hours) - you only charge $2 for this (same as the nonimmediate load price). Did you get a deal with firstchoice pay? If so AWESOME go you! Would love other camsites to push to get this.
Dec 22, 2016
Grand Cam contest has finished on SoulCams. Thank you for all the performers participating in our biggest ever competition!

Congratulations to the 5 performers winning one of the cash prizes of 11.500 USD, especially for the 1st rank who won an amaizing cash prize of 5000 USD!

See the final results here:

- 1st rank: 5000 usd -> hayfever (see the performer's profile here)
- 2nd rank: 3000 usd -> preciousbaby (see the performer's profile here)
- 3rd rank: 2000 usd-> MiaLala (see the performer's profile here)
- 4th rank: 1000 usd -> silver_bee (see the performer's profile here)
- 5th rank: 500 usd -> BeautyAngel (see the performer's profile here)

See the participants, final points and ranks on this page or below:

Stay tuned as other exciting contests are coming!
Dec 22, 2016

Summer Madness - Win every day!

Time to buckle up and take a ride with us! Our summer madness contest is here and this time we are doing something really crazy! Between 16 - 31 August, you have the chance to win $50 every day! If that sounds too simple, it is because it is simple as 1 2 3 :)

Collect tips and virtual gifts and the model with the highest total amount of tips and gifts will get $50. Just repeat it the next day and win another $50. Don't stop! If you win every day, you will take the total prize of $800!

TIP: Online and offline tips also count! Yes, that means that you may also receive tips from your favorite members while you are not online!

The money is up for grabs, just take it!

Dec 22, 2016
September is here with awesome contests and money to win
Two contests, double chance - Win every day!

September is going to be an exciting months here at SoulCams! We are starting two contests at the same time and you should participate (and win) in both! Besides boosting your revenue by winning awesome prizes, you can also have fun and show your creative side! Our contests will run between 4 - 20 September 2017. (Times are in CET!)

Private show contest with daily cash prize

This contest is based on your earnings in the period of 4 - 20 September. As the title suggests, only earnings made from private shows (standard and 1on1) will count. The model who earns most on a given day, will win $50. A new day means a new chance to win! We are giving away a total prize of $850!
You can follow the contest and see the results on our real-time score board. For privacy reasons, we calculate and show points based on your earnings but we will never share your actual earnings.

Summer Memories photo contest

Show your creative side and upload photos of your memories from the summer of 2017! Uploading of the photos will start on 2 September, but members can only start voting on 4 September.

We expect photos that were taken outdoors and should relate to summer, sunshine, beach, sand, bikini, etc. We accept both nude and non-nude photos, glamour shots and selfies but please do not upload explicit images.
Members can vote on your photos, by giving you SoulCams credits. You will get 50% share of these credits. VIP member votes mean double the points! We are also rewarding the top 10 Performers with the most voted photos. The total prize of the contest is $660!

1. 150 USD
2. 125 USD
3. 95 USD

4. 80 USD
5. 65 USD
6. 50 USD
7. 35 USD
8. 25 USD
9. 20 USD
10.15 USD

Editors' Choice Awards

Have no worries, if you have not made it to the top 10, because 2 lucky contestants will get the Editors' Choice Award! These models will receive 80 Gift credits as a reward. You must upload at least 5 photos to participate!

You can read more about the photo contest on our wiki page
Dec 22, 2016
Private show contest with cash prizes

Our new contest will blow your mind! Once again, we raise the bar and put 1000 USD on the table to take! All you have to do is making private shows. Models with the highest earning will win of the the top prizes of our $1000 jackpot. The contest starts on 17 October and will end on 27 October (CET time). Only earnings from private shows will count (standard and 1on1). As always, you can check your position during the contest.

The prizes are:

- 400 USD
- 250 USD
- 150 USD
- 100 USD
- 70 USD
- 30 USD

The twist: this time members also play along and the highest spenders will win SoulCams credits (promotional). We are giving away 400 credits to 5 members!

$150 New member bonus, 29 Sep - 31 Oct

Don’t forget, that you can earn extra money by referring new members to During our promotion, between 29 September and 31 October, You can get an extra $150 for each new member you refer!

If the referred member purchases at least:

- 26 credits, You’ll get $50 bonus
- 150 credits, You’ll get an additional $50 bonus
- 300 credits, You’ll get an extra $50!

To sum it up: if the new member makes a purchase of 300 credits in total, you will get $150 bonus. You will also get a +20% lifetime commission of the spendings of your referred members! NOTE: Our New member bonus is available for all models of

We are also running a special contest only for new models, who sign up between 11 October and 15 December. This contest is only available for newly registered models!

SoulCams Team
Dec 22, 2016
We invite you to join our latest and last contests of the year!

Four Weeks of Christmas - Play and win

HoHoHoHooooo! Christmas time is soon to come and we would like to invite You to our final contest of the year. To get into the festive mood, we have made a special contest for December, where we offer 4 different contest types. The stakes are high, we are giving away $2000 this month!

The contests start on 1st December and end on 29th December. Feel free to participate in all the contests or choose the one you like best!

Seductive Santa Girl - Photo contest - 1-7 December

Upload photos of yourself dressed in erotic, funny, cute or creative costumes and outfits. You can be Santa(girl), an Elf, a snowman or even Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Member votes are credits, the first 5 top voted models get cash prizes!

Get Likes Contest - Earnings+Likes - 8-14 December

In this contest, scores based on earnings and ‘Likes’ from members are calculated. 5 lucky models will win a total of $500 prize!

Advent Calendar - Private contest - 15-22 December

Collect points based on private earnings and ‘Likes’ from members and win the main prize of $50 or the second prize of $25 every day! $600 is up for grabs!

Farewell 2017 - 23-29 December

Our last contest of the year 2017, your last chance to win before the year ends! Based on our magic formula, models collect points and the 5 top models will get one of the total prize of $500!

SantaClaus will visit SoulCams in December and wlll give virtual gifts for models (only the good ones :)) throughout the month. To get your present from him, you have to be online and smile :)

Members will also receive bonus credits from Santa in December!

You will find more information on the contests in the Performer Area.
Dec 22, 2016
New Member Contest on SoulCams! 28 Nov - 31 Dec
$300 / new member + $1000 prize for top referrers

Convert free users into customer or invite members to us and get a bonus for each and every member you refer! During our promotion, between 28 November and 31 December You can earn an extra $300 on new members! That is s a unique offer, only available at!

If the referred member purchases at least:
- 26 credits, you will get $50 bonus
- 150 credits, you will get an additional $50 bonus ($100)
- 300 credits, you will get an extra $50 bonus ($150)
- 500 credits, you will get an extra $50 bonus ($200)
- 700 credits, you will get an extra $50 bonus ($250)
- 900 credits, you will get an extra $50 bonus ($300)

To sum it up: if the new member makes a purchase of 900 credits (or more) in total, you will get $300 bonus!

NOTE: Members can still make the minimum purchase 14 days after the end of the contest (until 14 January, 2018)

TIP: You will also get a +20% lifetime commission of the spending of your referred members!
And if it is not enough, the top 5 performers whose referred members spend the most during the contest period will win one of the cash prizes of the total $1000! The first rank will win an amazing $500! Note: you gain contest points even if the referred member spends credits in other rooms.

1. $500
2. 300
3. 100
4. 60
5. 40

For the full details of the promotion as well as further rules, conditions please check out your performer area.

SoulCams Team
Dec 22, 2016
Crowns and diamonds are a girl's best friends! Join our newest contest, collect Crowns and win the grand prize

Daily cash prizes and a royal grand prize

Join our newest contest to win cash prizes every day, collect crowns and win the grand prize of $1000! The total prize amount is $2625!
The contest starts on 6 March and will run for 15 days, ending on 20 March.

  • 1st place: 3 Crowns (3 points) and $20
  • 2nd place: 2 Crowns (2 points) and $15
  • 3rd place: 1 Crown (1 point) and $10
  • 4th place: $5 (no points)
  • 5th place: $5 (no points)

Every model has the chance to win every day. The total amount of daily cash prize during the contest is $825.
Daily winners will be announced in the Performers Area. Every day, the winner of the previous day will get her profile picture displayed on the front page of SoulCams.

As the contest unfolds, models will gather more and more Crowns, each day. At the end of the contest, 3 models with the most Crowns will win one of the grand prizes!

1st place: $1000
2nd place: $500
3rd place: $300

You can also collect Crowns by getting Diamonds from members. Diamonds can be found on your profile page, under the chat box and you need to collect 30 Diamonds within 24 hours to get an additional Crown.
NOTE: You can only collect 1 Crown in 24 hours this way. Active members (with an approved transaction within 30 days) may give a Diamond every 6 hours.

For example: if you win the daily contest, you’ll get 3 Crowns, which means 3 points. If you also collect the 30 Diamonds from members, you’ll get an additional Crown. At the end of the day, you have 4 Crowns, which is 4 points for you.)

You can find more information about the contest in the Performer Area.
Dec 22, 2016

New member bonus on SoulCams - Constant offer!

We offer new member bonus as a regular feature on SoulCams.

Starting from 12 March, 2018 you can refer as many members as you can and get an incredible bonus of up to $300!

If the member buys altogether 100 SoulCams credits, you will get a new member bonus of $50. If the member buys 200 SoulCams credits more (a total of 300 credits) you get an additional $50 bonus and so on.

Basic facts about Member referral

- You get +20 % lifetime share after each new member you refer to (this is a fix 70% share). This is a constant offer so feel free to invite new members whenever you wish and enjoy earning more money with them via private shows, voyeur or tips/virtual gifts.
- We created a menu in your performer account with name 'Referrals / Referred members' where you can see a list of those users who used your own referral link to sign up or added your performer username to the 'Referred by' section during the member account signup procedure.


- The new member has to sign up using your own referral link. Find your own referral URL in your performer account on the very first page in the 'Referrals' box. Alternatively you can ask the member to fill in the 'Referred by' field with your performer username during the member signup.
- The member has to be new on the site (the member did not make any transactions before on any accounts)

How to invite members?

- If you have a personal website or blog, place your own referral link there. Find your own referral link in your performer account on the very first page.
- Use social media like Twitter for attracting visitors to your room. Ask them to sign up using your own referral link

Why is it better to have your member base on SoulCams?

There are a lot of reasons why it is better to have your member base on SoulCams. Check them out here: Why to have your member base on
Dec 22, 2016

Winning our Model Awards is an uplifting feeling. It runs every week, and Models can win precious cash prizes. Then we thought, why not make an additional Award, where Models can win every day? Our new Daily Award brings daily cash prizes to one lucky Model, every day!

Models winning the Daily Award will automatically get the Model of the Day badge together with the $100 cash prize!

Our weekly Model Awards stays as it is, with a weekly chance of winning.

The new Daily Awards starts as of 30 March, 2018.

The winner of the Daily Award is excluded from next day’s Award. This rule is vital to provide equal chances to all Models and to keep the Daily Award as a motivating feature.



As a quick reminder, we would also like to call your attention to our Member Referral bonus (New Member Bonus). As from 12 March, member referral bonus is available without time restrictions. It’s a great chance to earn extra money, as we pay up to $300 for every new member you refer and an extra 20% commission.


April Fools' Day: April Fools' day is coming soon. We extend our virtual gifts with some funny ones 31 March - 2 April. Come and check them out!
Easter: We'll be celebrating Easter very soon. We put out some nice Easter-themed virtual gifts. They will be out 31 March-10 April. Enjoy! :)

Dec 22, 2016
Our new payout options are on the way

We are thankful for your patience and understanding regarding the situation with FirstChoicePay. It is still not clear, what exactly will happen but it is almost certain, that FirstChoicePay will notoffer payouts in the future.
Once again, we recommend, that you empty the funds on your cards, either by using it for shopping or picking up cash.

We started negotiations with ePayments last week and we are glad to say, that we have our account approved.
We are now working to implement it as our primary payout platform. With ePayments’ solution, we will be able to pay to any existing ePayments accounts (with prepaid card), Webmoney, YandexMoney and QIWI Wallet.

We will of course keep bank transfer and PayPal.

We have paid everyone, who requested a payment for the 2nd period of March. If you still have a pending payment, please let us know.

Keep an eye on our newsletters for more update!

Best regards,
SoulCams Team
Dec 22, 2016
Important: payout options update

We have been busy implementing new payment options in the past few weeks. We also paid every model and studio who changed their payment methods. We currently offer the following payment methods: Bank transfer, ePayments, Webmoney and PayPal. According to ePayments, new card issuing is suspended but they told us, that it will be back soon. We will notify everyone about the status of new card ordering.

We strongly recommend everyone to set up an ePayments account as it might take a few days to get approved.

There is also a change in payout currency, as from now on we are sending all payouts in EUR instead of USD. For most Studios and Models this should not affect payouts, as we are using up-to-date and fair conversion rates provided by If you absolutely need payout in USD, we can arrange it for you, but only for bank (wire) transfers.

In case you have your ePayments, PayPal or Bank account in a different currency than EUR, we strongly recommend to set up a separate EUR account. Our previous experiences show, that PayPal conversion rates are rather high and you should only choose this option, if you can receive payments in EUR.

You can read more about ePayments on their official website ( and also on the SoulCams WiKi page

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestion, contact us!

The SoulCams Team
Dec 22, 2016
Summertime Madness Contest on SoulCams

Time to buckle up and take a ride with us! Our Summertime Madness Contest is here and you can win cash prizes with us between 1-22 June!

We are giving away a total of 2000 USD:

1) Bikini Photo contest: 1-22 June. Total prize: 600 USD + 2x100 Gift credits (Editors' Choice)
2) Crown contest: 1-10 June and 13-22 June. Total prize: 700 USD + 700 USD = 1400 USD

Bikini photo contest, 1-22 June:

Be the hottest bikini girl on between 1-22 June, 2018., collect 'likes' from our members and win!
You can upload your contest images in your gallery at menu: Settings / My images / Contests / Bikini.
5 Models collecting the most points during the photo contest will win cash prizes.
One member account can 'like' one photo contest image once in every 6 hours.

Basic rules:
- You may upload both nude and non-nude photos, just make sure they are high quality. Both indoor and outdoor photos are accepted.
- You can upload as many images as you wish until they meet the criterias
- Manipulated photos or images with effects can be accepted only if they are done in a tasteful way and with good quality.
- Photos you already uploaded for previous photo contests or already uploaded in your gallery will not be accepted
- Images downloaded from the internet or images that are not yours will be automatically disapproved and you may be disqualified from the contest

Editor's Choice Awards: at the end of the contest, SoulCams will announce 2 Editors' Choice Winners. In order to participate in the 'Editors' Choice selection, you need to have minimum 10, good-quality images uploaded for the contest. Each of the chosen winners will win 100 gift credit (These winners will be selected by the editors of and are not based on the collected likes)

Crown contest, 1-10 June and 13-22 June

Based on the success of the previous crown contest, you can collect crowns and diamonds again to win cash prizes with us!
This time, the contest is divided into two parts. Both contests are totally the same with a break of two days between them.

Starting on 1 June, you can collect points after earning from private shows (standard and 1on1) and for online time. Based on our formula, earnings from privates have a higher significance (80%) while online time is calculated with 20%.
Based on the points collected, each day 3 models will get crowns, based on their placements.
You can also collect Crowns by getting Diamonds from members. Diamonds can be found on your profile page, under the chat box and you need to collect 50 points by collecting Diamonds within 24 hours to get an additional Crown.
One member account can give you a diamond once in every 6 hours.

For the full description of the contest please check out the very first page in your performer area.

Good luck!

SoulCams Team
Dec 22, 2016
New payout option and changes

Many of you have asked for it and now we have it: we are glad to announce, that from the next payout, we are offering Paxum transfers. Paxum is a fast any easy way to get your money through several ways, including a prepaid card. You can read more on Paxum on our WiKi page

In order to avoid confusion and keep payments smooth, we are introducing a new policy on changing payout options. This means, that changes to payout can not be made between 1-10 and 16-26 of each month.

We also decided to change the limit for wire transfers to 100 USD/EUR instead of the current 50 USD. For those, who had the limit set to $50, we'll update the limit automatically. Furthermore, you may now change payout frequency from bi-weekly to monthly. You may change this under Settings - Account and Payment settings - Payout information / Payout interval.

Unfortunately we have no update from ePayments, on when new cards could be ordered. We will of course notify everyone if we have more information.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know!

The SoulCams Team


Cam Model
Aug 20, 2017
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ManyVids URL
I've noticed the "models" who continually "win" these $1000+ prizes tend to have the same generic photo-shopped profile pics and I have yet to see any of them actually online camming. I'm thinking about posting up as a verified member and live tweeting the contest just to see how accurate your contest is.
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Dec 22, 2016
I've noticed the "models" who continually "win" these $1000+ prizes tend to have the same generic photo-shopped profile pics and I have yet to see any of them actually online camming. I'm thinking about posting up as a verified member and live tweeting the contest just to see how accurate your contest is.
Instead of posting false things, just keep on watching the site.