this is frustrating.

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Feb 9, 2020
why do asshole record us! some of us i believe do cam on chaturbate because we cant get a normal job. i have mental disorders and can't work. i get disability due to this. yes i know i can only make so much more due to this but every dollar helps. i am angry at this and don't see point of recording models even non-nude ones get recorded why? whats the point? i mean models are on chaturbate everyday so why record then??? anyone know why or have a idea why assholes do this??? like i said models are there 24/7 so why record us? :confused:


Cam Model
Apr 3, 2015
Chaturbate has an affiliate program to bring traffic to the site, if you send people over to Chaturbate and they sign up and spend money you get 20% of anything they spend so... some those who record us are doing it because it is a business.
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Jul 24, 2018
Like Mila said, if there's demand for it, there will be a market to meet that demand. The same can be said for illegal music, movie, torrents, p2p etc. It's an unfortunate side of the business for many. We've all seen how long the film and music industry spent fighting this - pouring millions into trying to stop it, only to realize it's a losing battle and they should've just adapted to the changing landscape earlier on and found ways to profit.