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Jun 10, 2024
@punker barbie
Good day! i hope you are well... I have a problem with this account (coffe_mx) and also with my personal account (hairyeffect)...
The problem is that I made this account with the intention of streaming with my wife (she also has her personal account where she is verified with her passport, her username is "quickeffect").
Previously we streamed together on my personal account (hairyeffect) where I added her as a guest, but now we decided to have an account to stream together, and each of us to have a personal account to stream individually...
The problem is that I made this new account (coffe_mx) and verified it with my passport, but I made the mistake, I got confused and added my personal account as a guest (hairyeffect), when I really should have added the account where my wife is verified with her passport (quickeffect)... So a day ago we wanted to stream on the new account and obviously they suspended me because I didn't add the correct account as a guest...
The worrying thing is that my personal account (hairyeffect) has also been banned, since when I want to stream I get this message: "person is ineligible to broadcast. Please contact support." I know that it is very important to take care of those details and that I made a mistake for not having added the correct account. If necessary, my wife and I have the documents, we can share them without problem so that this is resolved, we just want to continue working on Chaturbate.
I am waiting for any response, I greatly appreciate your support.