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This person used my documentation to damage my image on chaturbate and cause my ban. HELP ME!!

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Dec 13, 2021
Ticket number: 18770449

Good morning, who is interested in my argument and my thread, thread where I come to demonstrate a monitor person who is responsible for damaging and using documents to falsify and cause bans, receive a cordial greeting friends of chaturbate support, I have two points to take :

the goal of this thread is to clear up my ban error.

1) I come from a ban which the reason they gave me is "falsification of documents" which banned our account of me and my partner, because I say it is unfair, because we both have our documents such as identification card and passport, documents still stamped By the government, this ban happens after I made the decision to leave a toxic studio where they exploited me as a model and much more, when I left the studio I decided to enter the platform again as an independent which I could only work for 1 month because they banned me , my former monitor from that studio is a bad person who is in charge of damaging the documents of the models that come out of his studio, damaging them in the following way:
* using the documents with other guys who do not own them (causing ban) infringing the rules of the platform
* attaching the documents to the account of a boy who have been banned
* created multiple accounts for other people without owning the documentation.

How is it possible to ban some people when our documentation is 100% authenticated by the government, in addition to having two document support such as identification card and passport, can someone explain that?

Those who ask how I know all this, because the models who have left there for the same reason have told me and I have lived this on my own.

2) I attach a photo of the monitor's profile which should definitely close their accounts for causing and playing with the identity of other people, damaging the image of Colombian models and the industry, take into account my case that is why we are being restricted many things on the platform by monitors, studio and people like him, the account below in the image is from the studio monitor which also has several models with false documents.

The tests that help me are my documents that are 100% real and original, which for security reasons I cannot attach here and also names of a model of them with false documentation for many months.

If you are Colombian and you are reading this, support this thread so that someone from support can see it, if so, please, I need help and they take my case into account, since the support sends me automatic emails saying "that already I know the reason for my ban and that they will not respond again "without taking into account that I attach tests and much more.

I only ask for justice and that they let the people who really do it legally work and what a sadness to see people who have false documents if they can work without problem.

thank you all and I receive opinions !!

@punker barbie
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Dec 6, 2021
I am from Argentina I wanted to be a model they banned me and they unbanned me and the second time they banned me it was for a simple advice to the staff I do not understand why if I did not do anything wrong I am still waiting for the refund even if it is but they do not respond support
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