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Totally unfounded accusations! -Ro19gat - 19104575 now Banned from Chaturbate for

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Mar 20, 2022
Hi there,
I have been a member of Chaturbate for about 12 years now I think, I was also a performer at one stage with my partner about 5 years ago, about a month ago I was in the room of a young couple chatting and we talked about when I was performing and I mentioned that my girls and my room used to get up to 8000 guys in there at a time and I thought it was because of our age difference and size difference (she is or was 21 years old, 4'11 and 37 kg, I was 52, 6'1 and 120 kg so lots of interest to say the least! ( i might add here that My girl looked way younger than her actual years as well) we would continually have Chater staff coming into the room because someone had rep[orted us for her being underage, staff would always come into the room tell everyone to settle and that we were both legal age and all Id's, etc had been supplied to Chaturbate.

Back to me in the couples room, we were talking about when my girl and I performed and I mentioned that someone had made an illegal recording of us during one of our public Cam shows and posted it on the internet, someone told me about it so I went and found it and wrote to the site asking for it to be removed on copyright grounds they always took it down immediately but it kept popping up occasionally a pain in the butt but I kept writing, etc, then about 3 years after I first found this video I found it again one day and was staggered by the number of views 18,000,000!! I, of course, wrote to the website and they removed it as per usual and that's the last I've seen of it so I think that must of been the original posting location.

I did take a screenshot of the video on the porn site because I thought most people would think I was pulling their leg about the number of views of the video and I sent this screengrab to the couple I was talking to, it was about 10 minutes after that, that I was suddenly banned from Chaturbate, no warning no questions nothing, I tried to get in touch with Support with no answer for a couple of weeks at least until I contacted billing (i had 800 tokens in my account) so finally I got an answer from Support telling me I had been banned for sending porn photos of underage girls to rooms! and that after reviewing the "evidence" Chaturbate was banning me for breaching conditions regarding underage persons being posted as it was against the law ( no talk of notifying authorities or anything basically that was the end of the email I received Oh and also if I ever tried to join Chaturbate again under an assumed name etc they would ban that profile as well along with any money if any in that account.

I immediately knew what they were referring to (the photo I had sent of my partner & I ) To be fair she does look so young beside me definitely underage just looking at the photo.

I replied to support asking why no one had contacted me to ask any questions and what was the story behind the photo, I basically asked them who made them Judge, Jury, and executioner? not the smartest move probably but I was really pissed these guys or girls had banned me and were accusing me of being a pedophile with no investigation or questions to myself whats so ever! As I pointed out to them if they had looked at my profile there were lots of pictures of my partner and me in there, tip menus leftover from when we were performing, indications that we were once performers on chaturbates site, plenty of indications that she was not underage and so I had done nothing wrong since I sent that reply I have heard nothing at all and when I try to follow up on the matter I now don't receive an acknowledgment that my message has been sent to support ( i actually didn't receive one when I initially replied either ( so I'm guessing they have blocked my email so that I couldn't even defend myself, that was also the other thing I pointed out to them that by blocking me from my profile they also blocked me from by defense that she wasn't underage and we were actually ex Chaturbate performers!

Sorry for the long rant but as you can see I am a tad annoyed, to say the least, and to treat me like this really causes me great umbrage towards whoever did this kangaroo court and I would very much like my account reinstated if there is anything you can do to help I would be very grateful and thanks so much for your time Rx
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