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Ukrainian model in Romania

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Dec 21, 2022
Hello guys! I am a refugee from Ukraine , and because of war, I am living in Romania now. I have a legal right to live and to work here.
My problem is: I want to work legally as an independent web cam model in Romania, pay taxes, etc. But I don’t really understand how can I do this.
Are there any independent Romanian models who can help me with my question? Or maybe you have the contacts of tax-accountants, who are working with web cam models and help with taxes.
Will be very thankful for any kind of help!
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Sep 30, 2013
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I'm not sure Romanian cam models pay taxes either...
Two things we all have in common, all over the world, Death and Taxes .

This is an copy/paste with CAENs needed to legalize your activity . Romanian language
In Romania activitatea de videochat este legala, fiind reglementata de legea 196/2003, ulterior modificata si completata prin legea 496/2004.
Coduri CAEN pentru desfasurarea activitatii de videochat :
Cod CAEN 6420: Telecomunicatii
Cod CAEN 5261 : Comert cu amanuntul prin corespondenta
Aceasta clasa include:
- vanzarile directe, prin intermediul televiziunii, radioului, telefonic,
sau prin Internet.
Cod CAEN -9329 Alte activitati recreative si distractive
Incadrarea modelelor pe cartea de munca ca:
521002 - Model atelier artistic si publicitate
312201- Operator calculator electronic si retele
413316 - Operator programare
342907 - Agent servicii client / 347106 - Lucrator in ateliere de modele
Pentru 312201 si 413316 modelul trebuie sa detina un atestat pentru Operator PC

PS: have no idea if these are updates, but as far as I know all these CAENs must be registered and active under your legal form

As independent webcam performer you'll need to deal with all bureaucracy (which is a pain in the ... back) in most east-europeans countries....
Anyway, you'll also need a legal form and we call them PFA or SRL (PFA is for small businesses or even start-ups, SRL you'll need to hire and pay another set of taxes for at least one employee) ... Since 2023 the law gets more tricky and when your net revenue reaches a certain amount (if PFA) you'll need to pay extra taxes and become a SRL with all the perks ....

As an individual webcam performer you'll need at least one accountant on your payroll with contract or hire (preferable with contract) - technician - it, marketing team and supervisors are just dreams :)
312201 and 413316 CAENS a certificate is needed - there are online legal courses too for PC operators

The overall process is much simpler when delegate to a firm, team, company which takes care of all that.
Best of luck.
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