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Unable to send tip. Please contact support. *Please help!*

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May 17, 2024
@punker barbie
@punker barbie

I see you’ve helped others with this before …

I’m having an issue where I’m not able to send tips or enter private. I have tokens, but am all of the sudden unable to use them.

I’m a very active user, having purchased many tokens, never having any problems with account before.

Username: bouncingtiits

I’ve contacted Chaturbate support - submitted a ticket - but have not got a response, aside from the automated one.

Help with this would be MUCH appreciated!!!

@punker barbie

Certainly not to be a pest … but thought I’d try again on this...

It’s been 5 days since I submitted a ticket to support and still haven’t heard anything. Any chance of figuring out what’s going on - or when I might hear back or get a solution.

It’s frustrating to have spent $ and have $ on my account that I can’t use - by no fault of my own.

Also - it seems my messages aren’t being sent. Models will private message me and my responses aren’t going through. If I reload the page, any messages I sent aren’t in the chat.

No clue whatsoever what’s going on with my account or why I can’t send toks or chat …
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