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Unlock a studio account with more than 1000 models

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May 11, 2021
Hello dear Shirley @punker barbie!
I was texting you, but I didn't get an answer, so I'm trying to find you here.

I am AlisaMay.
My studio account: . Tickets with case concerning this account are 17429642, 17439258, 17462906, 17485180.

I write to you because I no longer have anyone to turn to and where to wait for help.

My studio account was blocked without explanation and for 13 days the site support for our questions has not been answered. We are confused, since we have the largest studio in Russia and on the Chaturbate website we have been working since 2016. We have always been honest and decent, never violated the rules of the site. We have attracted more than 1000 models to your site during our time. We brought and bring to this day huge revenues to the site.

If our models or our administrators are guilty of something, let me know. We'll fix this problem immediately and fire anyone who dared to do what caused you to suspend our account At the moment, we, the studio management, do not understand what is happening.

Over the past period, we have not received a payment and we are forced to issue the salary of models from credit money to this day. At the moment, 100 models and more than 10 administrators are working in our studio. We work only on your website and on no other. Our income depends directly on your website. If in the near future our studio is not unlocked, most likely you will lose the largest partner in the Russian Federation. It won't happen because we don't like your site. This will happen because very soon we will not have the means to live and we will be forced to move to another platform.

Our huge studio, all our models work in the same mode as they worked and tokens from their accounts are written off every day to the AlisaMay studio account. We cannot wait forever for an answer from support and work for free all our lives.

On behalf of the director of the studio AlisaMay, on behalf of all administrators, all models, the entire studio team, I am not asking, I beg us to help us understand this situation. I beg to unblock our studio and restore payments on our account .

With great respect for you Shirley and the site Chaturbate,

P.S. Since this post will see a large number of users, if you have any opportunity to help us, please write in the comments to this cry for help.


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