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I wanted to provide an update on my relationship status with my model "friend." I seem to have seen somewhere that someone said these guys never come back with updates, so...

My "friend" had to stop streaming in November as her studio had to shut down (she was streaming from home but her profile was still owned by her previous studio). So that's when it began. Without income for 7 weeks, she began asking for.......nothing. She asked me for nothing.

During her time away from streaming, we continued to share emails several times per week, and Zoomed a couple of times as well. She interviewed for and was offered 2 day jobs, one of which she accepted and will start soon. She did finally leave the studio and start over with a new independent Streamate account, and has been back online for about three weeks now, doing pretty well actually, for starting over. We still talk often in free chat, about family, pets, travel, the weather, everything, and nothing. We do a paid show once or twice per week, and still email constantly. We Zoomed just the other day. She will likely continue on the site once she starts her job, but not as often, and we will adjust to that.

We have known each other now for over 2 years. If she was grooming me for a scam, she would surely have cashed in while being out of work with no income for several weeks. It didn't happen. Instead I offered moral support and pep talks and she got through a tough period. I am proud of her and happy for her. She knows 3 languages and will be using those skills in her new job!

We talk or write often about us. We laugh and smile about it. We don't try to define it. It is easy, and natural, and we enjoy getting to know each other more. Neither of us was looking for it. It grew gradually and organically over time and we agreed to take it off site. The couple of times that we have had a difference of expectations, we have easily talked through it. And that has only been like twice in 2 years. We are not looking to meet, or to change our lives for each other. But we enjoy what we have.

I'm not looking for anything here, other than to show that it can work, with two responsible, mature people who don't have unrealistic expectations of each other. No we are not getting married, or running off together. But we have a real connection, in our own way, that continues to grow. That's enough for us right now. Thanks for reading!
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That's good to hear Bill. The one thing these forums have taught me is that scammers are actually in the minority. However, when they do scam, they go for it big time with no shame. Just enjoy what you have. It's possible to have that kind of relationship here in my opinion. I think the test for you will be how well it stands up if she greatly reduces her camming hours. I wish you luck.
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