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What Are Your Favorite Tipping Bots?

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Jun 27, 2017
CB has a variety of Bots that assist models with display of a tip menu in the public chat room. Tip Menu Plus is a well known one, but it is limited to 10 items. What are your favorite tipping Bots, and why?

Some of the ones I have noticed:

* Tip Menu - 4Sci

This bot gives you something like 24 tip items, but importantly it includes options to sort based on tip amount.

* Extended Tips and Notifications

This bot gives you up to 30 tip items, no fancy options, but it also gives you 20 notifier lines

* Caylinonia Menu

This is a custom bot done for a specific model, and it gives up to 40 tip items

* Tip Menu Plus 30

This is Tip Menu Plus with 30 tip items

What are your favorites and what are the additional features in that Bot that you like?

I like the sorting option on Tip Menu - 4Sci, as it helps people who want bargains to easily discriminate those items out of a large tip menu. I would love to find a version of 4Sci that supports 40 tipping menu items.
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