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What do you like most about being in businesses for yourself?

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Nov 13, 2013
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1. The flexibility. Since I make my own hours, I don't have to wake up early. I can take any sick days off. If I want to go on an adventure, I can. If I want to two weeks off, I can just work harder the weeks before, set my stuff to carry on without me, and go have a blast while I don't lose any money (but I am also primarily a clip girl, which makes this a little easier). I am a night owl, so I like working night owl hours and this job is perfect for that.

2. I get back what I put in. This can be a double edged sword, but for the most part, I love this aspect. At some jobs, you make a set wage an hour, which is much safer for the bank account but also doesn't provide a lot of incentive for improvement. I know that if I am lazy, my salary will suffer. But on the flip side, I know that if I work harder and push myself more, the sky is the limit for what money I could make. I never knew that I was capable of working so hard - at least, I never knew until I had my own business.

3. The fact that my business is MINE. I built it out of nothing but dreams. I had the idea and I did countless of thousands of hours of research. I built it from the ground up. Whether it succeeds or fails depends on me, and that makes me so proud. I started as a pretty naive and ignorant girl, and now I am my own business owner who does her own taxes and business reports and expenses and business plans and social marketing. I've improved my gear, my art, my home - I have watched everything grow based on how hard I have worked - and it doesn't depend on anyone but me and I love that. My business is like my child and I am so very proud of all that I have done.

4. Evolution. I love the fact that in this business (and business in general), evolution is such an integral part of growing. You can determine which new things to try, which new ways to attract customers, which new social media marketing aspects to try. There are no set rules except the ones that you make, and those can always shift and change as you grow and learn. Having your business be in a constant state of growth and evolution is really inspiring to me, and fills me with creativity and motivation. Stagnation is one of my biggest dislikes, but being the boss of my own business means things will never become stagnant. And I get to determine the paths in which it will go.

5. A sideshoot of the previous statement: there are always new things to learn. I LOVE this.

6. PJs are an acceptable business uniform. I pretty much live in PJs and lingerie and there isn't much middle ground!


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Mar 23, 2013
I like that I can work as much or as little as I want, so I can prioritize what I find most important (school, my other job, volunteering, social time) and still make an income as a student. While I admire the girls who bust their butts to be on top of their game, I like that I can focus on other stuff without going broke. I appreciate that you get back what you put in, generally. When I work harder, I make more money.

I like my regs :D I have some seriously awesome people in my corner who've helped me in lots of ways and supported me from when I decided to go to school until now (getting close to graduation, kind of). It warms my heart!

And I love the social community of it, I love ACF :D


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V.I.P. AmberLander
Apr 10, 2011
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If I fart at work, nobody yells at me. Favorite part, hands down
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