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what makes you men and you ladies really feel loved//turned on in the best way

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For me personally (and you might get a wide variety of responses to this)...

- Remembering my name... username for sure, but bonus points for remembering my actual name because it takes a lot of effort to ask for it AND to retain that information afterward. Some models will ask my name during conversation. A handful of them remember it (or maybe keep a reference file) and make a point to say hello by name (verbally and/or in chat) whenever I return. That is nice and unexpected, so when it happens I feel appreciated. Two of my favorite models verbally greet me by name every time I visit, and in return, I’m quite loyal. Even on nights when I’m not “in the mood,” I’ll still pop into their room, exchange hello’s, and give some tokens.

- A direct “thank you” after significant tipping. I prefer it during the show itself, as I don’t really like that type of thing on social media or in a profile page leaderboard. Also - I don’t EXPECT it, and have no problem if a model doesn’t say it. But it does make me feel appreciated, sure.

“Turned on in the best way:”
- When the model appears to be enjoying it (whatever we’re doing at the time... the toy vibrating, the conversation... etc). I don’t care if the reaction is fake, as long as it’s believable and not over-the-top comical (don’t fall off your chair in ecstasy from a single token Lush tip, lol). If you convince me you’re turned on, it helps me get (or remain) turned on, too.

- Sexy eye contact with the camera gets me every time. Especially during toy vibrations or oral.

- A well-done sensual tease or dance.

- Progression. What I mean by that is that each series of tips brings the show to a more advanced landing spot. Think of your show less as a jukebox (customer pays for a song, gets the song, and then everything goes back to square one again) and more as a board game (player pays for a thing, gets the thing, and the show sort of lingers in that new placement until the next “turn”). Examples of progression: During a tipping spree, model goes from fully clothed to topless. Instead of immediately getting dressed when tipping stops, she stays that way for a bit and teases what else might be coming in the next round. Progression makes me want to tip more, little by little, to see what’s next.
I guess what would make me feel actually loved on a cam site is if a model told me she had feeling for me and refused to ever receive any more money from me and asked for us to talk or to do things only outside of her work instead 😂

More relevant, rather than feeling loved I enjoy feeling appreciated. I know there's a transactional aspect to it, but it's nice when a model remembers little details from previous conversation. Not stuff like birthdays that would easily be put in a note, but like the cities I've visited during a certain trip, the name of a friend i had growing up if i told a story about that person once, personal little details like that. Like yes you're talking to me because I tip, or because my name is purple, but that doesn't precludes you from being genuinely enjoying the conversation and paying attention.

As for what turns me on, when I feel some sort of emotional connection, like a mutual appreciation, pretty much anything can turn me on. As for more sexual stuff that turns me on, there isn't anything particular, but anything that feel forced or fake is a big turnoff to me, so being yourself and not playing too much a character i guess. Unless you're good enough that I can't tell the difference 😅. The interaction is much more stimulating to me than the act itself, or else I'd be watching porn, not a live model.
I love it when she takes the time to find out what makes you tick and then caters to it. It can be really erotic when she asks "what is it about me you like?" or "what pushes you over the precipice?" and then plays into that on your subsequent visits when you get those few mins of quiet time together on off nights. They're like little sugar-filled donuts baked in chocolate and dipped in love and i buy them by the dozen!
As a model what makes me feel loved and more turn on from a tipper definitely that they take the time to talk to me, not jumping straight into dirty talk and asking stuff for free on PMs, but the detail of talking to me in the public room makes me feel very appreciated, those guys that first are interested in you as a person, and then slowly turn it in an erotic way along with the tipping of course, basically , gentlemen, I love them and I enjoy the pvts I do with them the most.
My biggest visual turn on is a smile, if a model never smiles then I'm out.
Conversation is also key, none of my favourite models will do a cum show in public, only in Club and some of them don't do them at all.
If a model doesn't respond to my hello (assuming chat doesn't go flying by really fast) within a short period I'm gone.
Thankfully it seems all my favourite models actually like me as I always get a warm welcome often even before I've had a chance to type a single word.
Also as others have said thanking you for a tip when they become aware of it, often after something has finished

But most of all I really like authenticity, being real makes a bigger connection.

Also not asking for Cock ratings, I never understood that. Now if a model wants to a pic for a cock rating I send them a really cool picture of a colourful Bantam Rooster, interesting all my responses have been super positive (its probably more interesting to look at than the dick of some random dude's you will never meet.)

I also like it when a model I comfortable and having fun, you don't need to act sexy to be sexy!
Also not asking for Cock ratings, I never understood that. Now if a model wants to a pic for a cock rating I send them a really cool picture of a colourful Bantam Rooster, interesting all my responses have been super positive (its probably more interesting to look at than the dick of some random dude's you will never meet.)
I never understood why some guys need there cock rated. Im in a cabin on a mountain lake with a breath taking view, i ask them to rate that instead!....funny thing is they still want to rate my cock after they see the breath taking view....:eek:
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