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What was the last movie/show you watched?

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TBH I dont see the issue with the subscription + ads, I get why people are upset, because it's not how it was and now you pay more for a worse service, but it's basically how subscription tv was right, you subscribe to the channels and get ads pretty frequently during the shows too, imo it's like the same thing.

The bigger issue I have with streaming is that they have basically stopped producing physical media so let's say Netflix makes your new favorite show / movie, there's a pretty good chance unless you board the pirate ship that in 20 years you wont be able to watch it anymore.
Prime has just added ads in Australia and the one ad during The Boys last week was a three second ad for Prime Video!
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Blue Zones was nice. I liked the fact that he actually spoke Spanish to people. The turn off came when it all became his sales pitch for his startup community at the end.
Ah thank you. I watched Okinawa, and now I'm watching Sardinia. If it's just basically a long infomercial, I'll just say fuck it though.
Thanks for the heads up.

King Marti gave me an awesome list of movies to watch, so I'll just start working through those instead.
Finished watching the series Ripley.
Beautiful picture, good play of actors and in general it is interesting to watch.
But. The logic of antagonists is far from reality. Everything is built so that protogonist easily get away with it.
Groundhog Day (Bill Murray)
Edge of Tomorrow (Tom Cruise)
Next (Nicolas Cage)

Three films using the same plot device - go back in time and try, try again. They take me back decades to Sci-Fi short stories of similar nature.
I liked them and I'm expecting the remakes to be even better :)
I watched The Bikeriders movie, and sadly, I was very very disappointed.
I won't spoil it other than saying it basically had no action in it, it was very boring. The trailer made it look like a badass action thrilled movie, but there were literally 2 small bits of action. The trailer basically included everything "action" in it.
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I just finished the latest season of The Bear. I enjoyed it. Great acting all around, compelling stories, good use of humor.

My only two complaints: sometimes the dialogue moves unnecessarily fast, and sometimes they overdo it with characters self-analyzing. But overall, I like it. Good show.