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Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

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Hello everyone :) I'm new here & to camming. I consider myself an open~minded, non~judgemental, free~spirit. I'm really into eclectic nature~based spirituality. I love to create nature photography, art &crafts, blog, and spend time in nature. I've been researching camming for a few months now. I'm signed up & verified on a few sites and finishing my profiles. I just need one more thing...the Courage to actually broadcast, Lol ;)~. I'm looking forward to seeing you all on the forumns :)

It's better to look back on life and say "I can't believe I did that" than to look back and say "I wish I did that"
so here I am...

ArianaRosee ❣​

I have just started camming on MFC.
I have found some amazing people here already
I love how supportive you all are
I love spending time with you all and meeting new guys, it really is a fun way to spend my time
I want my room to be a place where we call all have some fun, be crazy when we want and feel at home
Please pop by my room and if you feel like it, introduce yourself and dont be shy


Much Love
Hey there! I'm Ivy :).
I'm somewhat new to the camgirl life.
I've been on Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, and Streamate for about a month. I'm just starting on Streamate today, but did quite well today so I think I'm gonna start using them more. I don't like MFC too much other than the fact that it's so popular. But Chaturbate is my shit, I've got things figured out on there almost.
Just looking for tips on improving my Career!
This new trend of over-stylizing intro posts is interesting.
I'm Neon Deer (you can call me Neon) and I'm planning to become a camgirl in a few months. I'm here to learn things, improve my english and hopefully make some friends. :happy:
Hi lovelies I’m precious... I’m new here, am an aspiring cam girl and will hopefully being joining this camming world soon...
Just on here for advice and info really and hopefully make some like minded online “friends”.
Hey, just posting here cause my other post is not approved yet and the page said to start here by telling who the F$%@ I am. I am just me. I'm a guy. I have a room though I hesitate to call myself a model. I live in Canada.
hi! I'm ruby♡
I'm a camgirl newbie on mfc (when do you finally stop feeling like a newbie?!?!) trying to figure everything out as I go, and enjoying myself immensely along the way so far!
I'm excited to have found your website, it was recommended by someone in my room last week, so here I am checking it out!
any tips, advice and recommendations are soooooo welcome!
thank you ♡♡♡
It's me- Kay Ottie!!
I cam on Chaturbate and am quite active on ManyVids. I live in Florida and am actively looking for another cam model/ adult star to come over to my studio to create some content with me! :h:
SnapChat: k.ottie
Instagram: kay0ttie (spelled with a zero)
Twitter: kay0ttie (spelled with a zero)
The Dragon Babe here! Just started on MFC a few days ago! I was told I should come here and get some advice as a new shy model.
You heard me. Introduce yourself!

The best posts in an introduction thread include more than just your name, so give us a little more if you're feeling up to it. ;)

If you're an active cam model looking for verification, info/instructions are here - Model Verification Requests - but please remember you won't be able to post your verification until you've been signed up at ACF for a period of time, and after you've made a good handful of thread posts. So get active! :)

Hi! I'm Havana :) I'm totally new to the camming world but I'm really excited to start! I hope you're ready for tons of questions :D
I am Gloria and I am a new cam model on MFC. I am here because someone who entered my room referred me here saying how helpful the girls are here and that there is good getting started forums so i can get better!
I'm sorry. I should have looked more at other posts....this is embarassing.
No worries, you weren't the only one, I was sensing a new trend coming on lol.
I'm Summer, Im a cam model on Chaturbate. I have a question. I have my private shows set to 18 a min. But im only getting paid 3 a min. why?
I, for one, appreciate the stylized posts. Not for other threads necessarily but for an introduction/“say hi” thread like this it conveys more personality along with the message. No need for embarrassment!
Agree! As long as it's not too obnoxious on the eyes it helps posts stand out. Like how @curvyredhead always posts in bold red and I love it! I see red and know it's hers. :)
Hey everyone, I am new to this whole thing but Amber and the other posters advice is really encouraging and helpful!
About me- I am about to graduate with a degree in social work (yikes loans), I love helping people out. I am pretty easy going and fun to be around. I have an adventurous spirit and am just trying to see whats out there in this great big world!
I'm a full-time momma and a wife trying to be a full time cam model. I've been modeling since April 2017 and am still learning the dos and donts, seems like there is something new every time I cam (which honestly is a major factor in why I keep coming back). Also, finding a balance where my family, my work and myself are all satisfied is the ultimate goal...I'm afraid I'm not winning that battle just yet... My cam show has also been a bit stagnant the past month and a half. I'm trying to wait it out, thinking perhaps peeps are recovering from the holidays but I'm not as convincing as I once was. I was talking to my husband about it and the best analogy I could come up with was that it feels like I'm stuck on Level 6 in my cam game. I need to get to Level 10 to win the game but I just can't get past stupid 6! Anyone have a walkthrough they can share (or is that just cheating)? In any case, I'm (sorta) certain I'll figure it out eventually, just trying to stay positive in the mean time.
Who does one go about getting certified as cam model on ACF? I notice on some profile pics it says cam model.
Theres a thread for it but it takes a bit until you can post there.. just stay active and it'll unlock after sometime and you can go about the process. Welcome!
I'm Summer, Im a cam model on Chaturbate. I have a question. I have my private shows set to 18 a min. But im only getting paid 3 a min. why?
You're getting 3 every 10 seconds. 3x6=18 ;)
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I am Gloria and I am a new cam model on MFC. I am here because someone who entered my room referred me here saying how helpful the girls are here and that there is good getting started forums so i can get better!
hey gloria, how was ur first time on mfc? im planning to start on mfc in the next few days :) im just a bit confused about the site as i have made an account but its telling me i have to buy tokens and become a premium member to be able to post live... and also i cant see how to block some countries.. sounds like i have an account as a viewer.. or is that right??