Worshipping the Feminine

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Apr 13, 2019
Hello everyone,

so, i am gonna go philosophical here. :)
i just started camming and am looking for a way to make peace with some of the interactions with men. you know, requests linked to a 1tk tip and then being called greedy if i dont feel like it. men trying to scam naive little me into c2c instead of taking me to private. all of that.
on the other hand, i have a friend who worked as a stripper (and wrote about it) and says things like "but there is a lot of potential for good and bad in the industry and how you approach the job will determine your experience. Once I switched my perspective and decided to see it as a place of feminine worship, my clients changed, my abundance changed and my feelings towards the job changed". not sure if links are allowed, this is her article: https://www.sensualartistry.com/post/stripper-insight
sure, it all comes down to setting your own boundaries, enforcing the rules... but i would be really interested in your general attitude behind it all. i suspect a certain mindset is essential for successful as well as joyful camming. for a connection to your audience, you need to be open, however things happen that might make you not want to stay openhearted.
so i would appreciate your insights, experiences, wisdom on anything that came to mind for you
Merci :h:


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Jan 20, 2019
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Anytime someone tips me I am always grateful, even if it's a one token tip for full on pussy spreading.

I say "thank you, [member name]!" and move on. It's not worth being upset over. I have found those guys tipping 1 token for extremes are trolling and can be converted to somewhat decent tippers.

I've also experienced this on SM, but not as much. I suspect that may be because I am new and trolls prefer new models that can be easily manipulated.
May 11, 2017
Terra Firma
I learned long ago that any time you deal with a portion of the public, you're going to get all kinds. In the years I've been a member on MFC, I've also seen that there's a wide variety of people there too. But, in some ways, it seems much more pronounced than elsewhere. The key is learning to manage it all. Most of the models I've seen are similar to JigglesJane mentioned, just say thank you and move on. If they push for something more than you're comfortable with, make a joke of it until it's annoying and ban. Or, ban immediately, as it's you're room. Many I've seen do this.

As to some of the things you mentioned such as c2c instead of private, you can put it on your topic, whiteboard, etc that you only do c2c in private. Or, not at all. Completely up to you. While there's a number of people trying to take advantage of others, not everyone does this. Just all part of dealing with the public.


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Jan 3, 2013
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My general attitude is: ban the assholes, and anyone likely to cause trouble. Give a great show to the ones who pay. Be polite to new visitors, but be aware of signs that they're not worth the time and block early. Don't stress over the jerks - they're sad, pathetic people with nothing better to do in their spare time than harrass strangers on the internet.


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Jul 22, 2010
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I like this. A place of feminine worship. I think deeply about SW and power a lot. My happiest times are when I've allowed this worship to happen. I become so preoccupied with it that I hardly notice the clientele who are there just for the power trip. It's funny that we can get more satisfaction from the same things just from switching up were we focus. It's basically like a meditation.
May 11, 2017
Terra Firma
I learned that tipping five tokens instead of one is a way of distinguishing myself from the one token tippers who apparently don't want to waste four more tokens on a model.
Not to mention that on MFC, it has to be a 5 token tip in order to do tip notes. ;)