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XVids Stolen Content

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Hey, so I heard from word of mouth I can get paid for content of mine that was stolen and uploaded to XVids.

I have many videos under one person's XVids account, but I only show up for maybe 20 seconds at the end of each clip. Can I even ask for payment / transfer to my XVids model site or will they only have these videos removed? Some of these videos are as short as 1 minute long, meaning I'm in about 1/4 of the total footage of some videos. Most are probably about several minutes long, if length changes anything.

I have my list of links ready to go, just wondering what action would be best for me to take.

I'm guessing that they would just take them down... I doubt that they could transfer them to your account since you don't own copyright to the other portion of the video.

Maybe they could compensate you somehow though? It wouldn't hurt to ask.
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