Yet another Chaturbate WIRE frustration

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Jun 12, 2018
So, I just dont know where to start from.
Since FCP closed, I only use Wire transfer from CB (45 USD a transfer, twice a week). At the start it was slow, I could understand cause FCP just closed so they were overwhelmed with requests for payments and so on. After the middle of May everything was proper, I was receiving the money in 3 days time, always.

Until last week. I have requested a payout on Tuesday, 05/06/2018 and until today - there are no signs of payment. When I message CB support, just to ask them whats going on, what they tell me? They send me a automated message they used two months ago when FCP closed.

Then, I send a new message, kindly asking just they tell me when the payment was sent from their side and I again get an automated message.

I don't have words to describe the frustration I have with chaturbate support and how lame they are, first of all cause I'm paying them 90 dollars a week for wire transfers and they tell me I'll receive a message when the payment is processed and SO FAR, I have NEVER received ANY messages regarding ANY of the wires I have received so far. My frustration comes from that how it is possible a such big company with that big income has support that doesn't even know how their own system works, they mislead people but they are supposed to help? :D

So, @punker barbie , if possible, could you tell me when was my wire sent? I have requested a wire on 05/06 and on 10/06. Usually your wires take three days, but this time there is a huge delay.
Can we actually rely on your wire transfers, cause there are hefty fee's but currently the fastest way to receive the money or I should just look in other payment options?
I can't take excuses from two months ago that FCP closed, cause this is not serious at all and I believe you agree with me.



Cam Model
Oct 31, 2016
I'm not one hundred percent sure how the alert system here works, maybe writing on @punker barbie 's wall creates a quicker response. I use wire transfer to to a European bank and so far it has worked reliably but I also do not use it in such intervals like you do, only twice per month.

Hard to give you any advice on other payment processors. They seem to be offshore companies and risk comes naturally with that territory. I wish you all the best, I adore your shows.