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Good day This is gemmaforever4u in chaturbate .My account gets banned while I am working with my boss this afternoon. I confirmed with the support first if the age verification of my boss is approved already.I always make sure to send email first to ask before doin anything to my account as I am afraid to get banned, we are thinking that it MIGHT be because we played as mom and daughter.
Hope you could check my account.We are also thinking if its the site's glitch bec cb was showing a lot of errors when we are workin and the site gets too slow.Thank you so much
Amber, Oksanfedorova is posting pictures and chat on her twitter account that she is in turkey on Vacation past 2 days. Her Chaterbate webcam has been broadcasting her in her bedroom in Russia
for 5hrs a day last two days. She never stopped doing Prerecorded Video on CB. I just stopped complaining. If this is wrong I tell you.
saffron, today Osanafedorova is on her Twitter account showing pictures and saying she is on vacation in Turkey, her chaterbate campsite is showing her for last two days in her bedroom in Russia doing 5 hr webcam show.
She never stopped doing preRecorded shows
Hello. Morning am contacting you from kenya so we had talked and my cashout since 14th of this month wasn't paid. Due to struggles this other part of the season i was able to make 9450 tokens and i have cashed them out today. Its my prayer that both payments happen without losing any of the money i really really work hard for this.
CB id Therealreal1
Though I do feel MFC is more my vibe than CB....I am still so intimidated by everything MFC Share. Lost. Study time.
I say don't focus on what other people are doing and stick to your lane. You can do it.
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Thanks!! I think I am off to a decent start; just need to find time to create content. I cam while my daughter is at school, so it's easier to just hop on CB to cam and not worry about doing much outside of that time. Easier= not always better. I killed my daily token record from CB on MFC by 3x last week. So it's time to get on it and start making passive income as well! :)
Be sure to add AmtrPrn on Snapchat, I'll be taking over their account on this lovely Friday!
Welp..had a very promising streak of wonderful/lucrative cam days-about a month long- and today was the kick in the crotch. Knew it would be coming, so I'm not upset, but damn.
hi shirley how are you? I want to ask you for help, I accidentally transferred my tokens to money, it is a small balance, I would like to know if it is possible for these tokens to return to my account ?, I do not have a payment method and for the moment I will not work in chaturbate until I solve some problems with my payment method, I hope you can help me, I'm attentive, thank you

my id: sweetmoonsweet