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[Chaturbate] 19523196 - Re: Account banned. Fake traffic scammed by my subscriber (regular customer).
I had $200 in my account there, I agree that you took it from me. But I'm asking you to help! @punker barbie
Our studio account is active and not banned... However we seem to have an issue with uploading ID's on a regular basis.
We create new accounts for brand new models that have never worked online before and almost 50% of the time the accounts are banned within 20 minutes. It seems to be an automated system issue.

Username: night_bigass_moderator
request ID (19445288)
Please help @punker barbie
damn, looking for a new flat in Berlin, if someone knows something..., I know its not the most obvious place here, but you never know...
Been MIA (Missing in Action) , for quite a while. Tons of things happened, to deal with, profile outdated etc, but will try to get things on track soon, update all and be more present here again soon (I've been active in many ways meanwhile in the industry, just not here) ♥️
strange cb bug? out of 5 comments I type in the chat only one gets through?!?
I'll be on MyFreeCams & Stripchat later this evening for a few hours. Then bedtime @ 11 PM EST. The Easter bunny needs her rest! :)