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While a custom was uploading I filmed, edited and uploaded a clip onto c4s.
My iphone is way faster than my computer..... /facepalm
Desynced audio for the first time ever, on a kinda ASMR video. Why?!
Now I'm using Adobe Audition for the first time.... Let's see how this goes!
I just realized my underwear is on backwards in my profile photo, which is from a professional boudoir shoot. *face palms*
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Is it? Never would have noticed. But, can make for memorable photo shoot. ;)
I wouldn't have realized either except I wore them again recently and realized the strings are supposed to be on the front and go up over your hip bones. Looks cute either way though.
I'm having a huge End of Summer video sale! From August 16th - September 1st, the majority of my videos will be 15-50% off. ENJOY! Don't forget to leave 5 star reviews on your favorites!
Think I may try SM next week (finally!), but have some questions....if you are a SM model and don't mind me asking you a few questions, please pm me :) Thanks!
Shirley its me again sorry if i keep on writing you..i need to know what is the status of my payment on chaturbate.its been 3 weeks now im still not paid...i dont know if the new payment information is working.pls help
Hey i wonder do you have floating icon that will work..somehow my code doesn't work or the link i got the icon but the link would work...???
Chaturbate doesn't like ManyVids link so they added a filter for "competitors" links ... you may want to use a short url service in some cases.
Hey sadly....i found new code and i delete my old code...sadly very code i found for the floating icon wont work...can you help me by give like simple sample to follow....
Been working thirteen hour shifts at my vanilla job, but hopefully starting next week I can get back to camming! Friday night I aim to cam ALL night, on what site I don't know yet lol.
Been off for a few months due to vacations, wrapping up my old job, and moving.
So excited to be on here more and get back into the swing of things! xoxo
Hi Punkerbarbie,this is asian_massive_squirt...i need your not yet paid by chaturbate until now.Ive been emailing them but no response.just worried its already a week now since i converted my tokens.thanks and more power.