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Before I started shaking my booty as a Cam Model, I was just a regular girl. Well, a regular girl with big boobs. I worked a 9-5 type office job as an office assistant. Day to day, I'd get up, work, come home, maybe have a workout, have dinner with my hubby, play WoW or watch TV, bugger around on the web, then sleep. Things are a little different for me these days.

My typical day is a bit opposite now. Sleep in until between 9-10:30, coffee, bugger around on the web, workout, then doll myself up and get in front of the camera for hours at a time. No more office job. No more having to be "on-time" or having a boss to report into. It really is pretty great!

I've always lived in Southern California. I'm not quite a valley girl, but I can play that role well (sometimes without realizing it). I am an only child, so it is natural that I enjoy solo-time at home and I'm not big on going out to hang with friends. Maybe that's why I don't actually keep many friends these days.

I grew up entertaining myself with TV and video games. Not much has changed in that department I guess. I was a super super shy girl until I was in high school. I don't know what made me want to try out for cheerleading, but it changed my life once I made the squad. I found my voice, made awesome friends, and started dating one of the football stars. Just like in the movies! Of course that romance didn't work out. Damn jocks. I graduated High School with Honors. Found a part time job. Moved into an apartment with my best friend. I tried the college thing for a bit. Learned a little about business management, business law and finance, but never finished with a degree. I scored a great job from a friend of a friend, and just kept working full time since.

Birthdate:March 10, 1984
Weight:135 lbs
Boobs:32F (32DDDD) Natural
Location:Los Angeles
Job:Cam Model
Sexuality:I Swing Both Ways
My Hubby and I bought our first house a few years ago. Being a homeowner in SoCal is expensive! We were tinkering with ideas of how to make some extra money, a part time job or something. Then one day we came across a link on /b/ that took us to a live webcam room. There sat Mellanny. I watched her touching herself, talking with the visitors in her chat, and most of all, getting a heap of tokens. Light bulb moment: "Hmmm... I could do that..."

I made my own account so I could get to know the ropes a little better. It wasn't long until I was submitting all my documents and immediately getting approved on My husband encouraged me the whole way. I was never full of self confidence but his words made me feel like I could do this. I figured I'd play on there a few hours a week and get a little money to put in savings, help with bills, etc. I didn't realize my life would end up revolving around it within 2 months. I still say I got lucky, and that most girls may not do as well as I did my first few weeks. Whatever it was, though, it got me hooked and now being in front of that camera is my full time gig.

TV show:Dexter
Movie:Jerry McGuire
Band:Coheed and Cambria
Song:In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
Snack:Cheez Its
Dessert:Cold Stone - Birthday Cake Remix
Drink:Lo Carb Monster
Video Game:World of Warcraft
Board Game:Monopoly
Sport:NFL *Go Dolphins!*
It is pretty awesome having a little extra free time now. I can get more done around the house (if I choose too!) I can go in the middle of the day to go shop for groceries or whatever I need, instead of working around a 9-5 office schedule. Best of all I can try out and play new video games when they come along. Gaming really is my favorite hobby, when there's something out that I like to play.

I was hooked on World of Warcraft on and off since 2005. I am currently on a break from it, but I'm not sure if I'll go back this time. I never was very good at any FPS games, but since I have given Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a try on PS3, I've done alright. At one point I was fitting in probably 1-5 hours of fragging a week. Certainly nothing hardcore about that, but it's something. We gave Black Ops a shot, but didn't like it and reverted back to MW2. Other than that, I've completed Fable 3 on Xbox 360 recently, but currently there aren't any games rocking my world. I'm looking forward to a new MMO mainly. Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: TOR should be out within the next year or so I think. I'm hoping to get hooked on one to replace the void that WoW once filled.

Well, thanks for taking the time to check me out! I look forward to chatting with you, whether it be in my forums or in my chat room on MFC. Check my profile on MFC for my schedule and follow me on Twitter to see when I'll be live on cam!