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  1. _mika_

    SC new model tag

    On Stripchat there's an option to manually switch on spy mode, meaning only members who pay to spy on the show can watch it. You can utilise it when things get more intense on MFC so freeloading guests on SC can't watch.
  2. _mika_

    Im struggeling

    I know I'm pretty much repeating what have been said already, but I couldn't not say anything after reading that. People do sex work out of myriad reasons, not always because it's a fun first choice job for them, you don't have to enjoy this job to do it, just like you don't have to enjoy being...
  3. _mika_

    If you were having a particularly tough time, how would you prefer to be tipped/helped?

    It kind of depends on the site the member is using. In general for most sites I would say offline tips/clip purchases, so I can earn money without going live (and on MFC also boost my ranking) and that way afford to take a break, but on Stripchat you have to be online for the tip to count...
  4. _mika_

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    No, I would absolutely not call that "a good example of a cam-girl being too sweet". Depending on what she's going to do in the future I would either call a good example of a long con or naive and very sad actions of someone who doesn't value her time and work. Not sweet for sure.
  5. _mika_

    Share model and studio scam token which you've seen

    But that's the thing, like I said in this thread and multiple times before, because of our anatomy majority of people with vaginas won't get much pleasure from Lush just sitting inside the vagina and vibrating no matter the settings. And most members keep tipping for lower levels. For me to...
  6. _mika_

    Share model and studio scam token which you've seen

    And how different is it to a model who really has a Lush inserted, turned on and reacting to tips as advertised, but who's "pretending and deceiving viewers" into thinking she is REALLY enjoying the Lush, when in reality it barely tickles when inserted, especially on lower/shorter vibes levels...
  7. _mika_

    Is anyone else who uses Paxum facing severe delays?

    Same here. Been waiting for my EFT transfer way longer than usual.
  8. _mika_

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Have you actually seen her online or are you just assuming she was online because new posts appeared? I'm asking because you can schedule posts in advance on OF.
  9. _mika_

    I got a best fuck from a robot, and I liked it.

    I, too, when writing an honest review (that I'm not gaining anything from of course) of a product I'm impressed with repeat the brand's full name and product price at every opportunity.
  10. _mika_

    Release for other participants in videos

    You also need a copy of his ID (and for some sites a photo of him holding ID and release next to his face). These are general guidelines for most clip and subscription sites and what's required by American law, but some sites have their own rules. If you click on the link @Miss_Lollipop provided...
  11. _mika_

    Where to move to live and work legally on the webcam

    That is not true. You have to pay taxes in the country you work and reside in everywhere in EU. Exact laws will vary in details between countries, but in general if it' a long term stay you do have to pay taxes where you work, if you don't as a foreigner you risk not only getting hit with hefty...
  12. _mika_

    Share model and studio scam token which you've seen

    Actually using lush or any toy that just sits inside the vagina for hours multiple days a week for a long time will result in a health condition in the future. ALWAYS. If it's not causing discomfort now it is going to affect pelvic floor at some point.
  13. _mika_

    How to accommodate work and private life?

    Dude, you have 4 threads on the same subject. Chill. How is that a bad thing?
  14. _mika_

    Favorite Lube

    I'm glad that you found a solution that works for you and I'm sorry if I came off as dismissive or rude.