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  1. _mika_

    Camscore question

    I know that camscore is based on tokens earned and time spent on cam over a 60-day period, but what happens to your camscore if you don't go online at all for over 60 days?
  2. _mika_

    EhotLovea and Inwardly_Beautyy are Indentical!

    It's very unhealthy for pelvic floor to use a lush (or any insertable toy) for multiple hours pretty much every day. So even when we find them comfortable now we can end up with serious issues down the road. Good for her for avoiding these issues.
  3. _mika_

    ShineModel is a service for managing chats and broadcasts of several sites in one window.

    @ShineModel can we expect MV Live to be added to Shine anytime soon?
  4. _mika_

    Studio illegally exploiting former model over follower account?? CB -- WTH!

    Models join studios for various perks in exchange for a share of the profits they make. On of those profits can be exactly that - staring on an account that already has thousands of followers instead of starting from zero. Don't get me wrong, I believe many studios are shitty, and most...
  5. _mika_

    bongamodels - camsoda - stripchat

    Camsoda yes, SC no, I don't know about bonga.
  6. _mika_

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    That's a good point, I noticed that there's usually no tipping when my cats show up on cam (although sometimes I do get a small tip with a note saying something about them, or someone telling me about their pets), but on the other hand it's a good conversation starter, most people who have pets...
  7. _mika_

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Do you mind even when the model is fully dressed and not doing anything sexual at the moment? I let my cats hang out with me on cam if I'm just chilling and talking, but take them out the room before anything explicit happens. I probably won't change it because of your opinion, but I'm still...
  8. _mika_

    What kind of content do you enjoy making the most?

    Lesdom clips with me in submissive role. It's one type of content I enjoy making so much, that I often manage to forget I'm being recorded and completely let go, which always results both in a fun shoot and amazing final clip.
  9. _mika_

    Does this scream SCAM to you too?

    Let's pretend for one second it wasn't a malicious link (it was tho, 100%). I would still refuse to watch a video another model shot for someone. I would assume it was for personal use only, not to be send around.
  10. _mika_

    Username Color Change on CB

    It's like this.
  11. _mika_

    OnlyFans & "Likes"

    Ideally, I would like all users to click hearts under the posts they genuinely enjoy, so I could see what kind of content is enjoyed by the most AND get my overall likes number up. Unfortunately, since most subscribers don't click likes under any of the posts, or just like a couple after signing...
  12. _mika_

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    I believe it's either a glitch or a very recent change. I usually have grey chat off and "ex-"users can chat with me in public chat, but there were a few times when users who ran out of tokens but are on my friends list informed me in PMs they weren't able to chat. Once it was a lower level user...
  13. _mika_

    'New tag' performers with very few viewers?

    No ❤️
  14. _mika_

    What happens if a guy or a non-binary person listens to a list created EXCLUSIVELY for girls? Do...

    What happens if a guy or a non-binary person listens to a list created EXCLUSIVELY for girls? Do they just disappear into thin air? Does the music stop playing? I need answers!
  15. _mika_

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    The meaning of my tattoos is that I like the way they look. That's it. No backstory. But they are all original drawings by my tattoo artists, copying tattoos sucks.