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  1. _mika_

    offline tips doesn't count towards strip points & stripscore?

    Yes, offline tip, fanclub earnings or content sales don't count towards stripscore.
  2. _mika_

    Account suspensions on the rise ?

    All this. I've been told the same by my audience. I never got a warning or suspension on Stripchat, but I for sure behaved "rude" enough to get one if caught. I didn't go into sex work with all it's associated stigma and risks to be expected to behave like in vanilla customer service jobs and...
  3. _mika_

    How can i delete an offline DM i sent.

    OP is a hobby wanker - a male "model" who doesn't stream for money but for "fun". "She's" a dude who used to watch OP on CB pretending to be a woman, OP still believes that "she's" a woman and ignores us telling him otherwise. Hope it helped.
  4. _mika_

    90% commission on the, somebody heard about that? :O

    And still didn't even manage to make the site sound good.
  5. _mika_

    Things Models & Users do that you LIKE?

    The reason I'm so burnt out I haven't been able to stream in over 2 months is mostly that I regularly had 1000+ viewers, but in a span of several months I very rarely got anyone besides "open bobs bb" guys speaking to me, even though I was trying my best to keep starting conversations and kept...
  6. _mika_

    One of life's weird little coincidences...

    Models can't see member's exact token balance on CB. The closest thing we get there is sorting members by held tokens amounts, so the situation from OP was just a coincidence. And not really weird one - prices like 888, 111, 55 etc. are really popular among models, myself included. They are just...
  7. _mika_

    New rule about approved performers on models profile

    I asked in a Stripchat suggestion thread before to make a different way of approving people for content to sell separate from approving them as broadcasters. I hope they will make one now, otherwise it's a really dumb change.
  8. _mika_

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    I'm not saying that one of these for sure was the case, but it is possible he was a trans man, or a cis man who lost his penis, or had a small penis and fantasised about having bigger one, or had erectile disfunction but wanted to see himself as getting hard. Or it could've been any other...
  9. _mika_

    Hey Stripchat, why can't you match Chaturbate's token prices?

    Dude, I don't understand why you keep bringing up model prices over and over again like we're somehow supposed to adjust them for you??? You seem to not be aware of some things, so I will explain them to you. I am a model and I'm aware that different token packages have different prices, but...
  10. _mika_

    SC tokens and chat didn't appeared

    Are you aware that site reps here are human beings? Human beings need to sleep, eat and do some other things besides being at work 24/7 to assist you. Not to mention is was the weekend and time zones are a thing as well.
  11. _mika_

    Friendship between a model and a member

    It's called sex WORK. Of course it's a fucking business. Treating it like a business as a sex worker is not playing someone for fucks sake.
  12. _mika_

    Things Models & Users do that you LIKE?

    Now imagine how fun would 90% of cam rooms be if more members actually tipped models instead of freeloading. To be clear, this comment is not directed towards you @Hiunds , just a general observation.
  13. _mika_

    what do you use for cleaning toys? (gynecological problems)

    I would add that strong antibacterial soap might actually cause issues for some. For me gentle soap is better, I have this very gentle intimate wash and that's what I use to clean toys. And no matter what soap or cleaner you use be careful to always rinse it off well. I've seen cold water...
  14. _mika_

    Solo AND Couples Account

    The fact they verified each other on each other's accounts did make their accounts couple accounts automatically. They don't have solo accounts anymore now. According to this it is allowed to have 2 couples account with the same set of persons, so idk why would SC suspend one of these accounts...
  15. _mika_

    Curious to know

    Except this girl on the internet is working and they primarly (only?) interact with each other in her workplace.